Tuomo is a Raahe farm cat; he is named after the farmer who tamed him (but we do wonder if he had a home before then many years ago). He is a few years old (maybe 11) and really wants to have Äiti all for himself. However when he was adopted (2 May) a couple of years ago, he had been in eläinkoti for a year and maybe would still be there if Äiti hadn't spotted him.
He is a stubborn boy but has a very playful side - we love to wrestle but it can end with claws. He gets teased by Aila and then retaliates by chasing her (and then he gets the blame because he is stronger than she is - poor Aila had two luxated patellae after one chase.....). Tuomo wants to be top cat but Stran has to put him in his place, and now he is also challenged by the Muhos gang. Äiti is very aware that Tuomo gets stressed and tries to give him enough time and attention.
Usually this is at 3am ! Tuomo has really got a good routine - he sleeps by Äiti's pillow and when she stretches her arm out he sits on it so her arm is under his tummy. He then rolls over for a tickle and purrs. Sometimes he wakes her up with a wet nose in the face so she has to give him cuddles.

Tuomo left unexpectedly for the Bridge over Christmas 2012.  He leaves a big hole - a big empty gap by Äiti's pillow. He is forever missed but we are very grateful he enriched our lives.