Stran, full name Stranraer, is my gorgeous big brother. We are not actually related but he's everyone's best friend and a careful boss cat. 
He was a street cat in a nasty area of Bristol called Southmead where he was part of a big colony and managed to get food, somehow. He maybe was there for about 8 years but no one knows! During that time he became blind in one eye and half-sighted in the other (which he still has). This may have been an illness or could have been an acid attack by some unspeakably bad people. He also got shot, and had a little air gun pellet removed from his belly. This makes me mad.
Stran was rehomed in Bristol - when Äiti saw him he ate a whole pouch of food in 15 seconds, and weighed about 3kg. He also had short fur. he was so lovely and friendly, Äiti took him home to be with Harris and Lewis and maybe give them more confidence, and also because she had an indoor home and he was probably going to go blind. His forever home anniversary is 19 August.

Well, he grew his furs and his left eye did not get worse (but his right eye did give him headaches so Äiti had it removed which made him happier). Since then he's been incredibly playful and welcomed every one of us. He is wise, and great fun. He loves his food and is always the one who jumps up to eat as Äiti is serving our feasts. He seems to cope with anything, and he also looks after Äiti when she feels tired or unwell - she always notices he sits closer to her in those times.  He is our Number One.

In September 2104 Stran left for the Rainbow Bridge. There has been a huge hole in perheeni ever since and it will never be filled. We miss him every single day.