The Dunk

Here is how Äiti makes the 'Stran-Dunk' or 'Dunk' basketball hoop nest. They are very popular here. This is the first one being modeled by some tired ninjas.
Äiti's instructions!
You will need:

  • a basketball hoop
  • nylon cord
  • tough fabric with quite a close weave (but nice and soft for a bed!) - non-fraying stuff is good if you do not want to sew hems
  • eyelets/grommets 
  • a suitable wall!
  • fixings and tools and bits and bobs
  • cats
First draw round the hoop on paper to make a pattern. Mark where the net loops are.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut round.
Distract the cat(s)
Where the markings are for the net loops....
Pierce a hole in the fabric.
The hole should just be big enough for the eyelet. Use whatever tools you have to fix the eyelet in place.
Do this for all the loops.
Here you have enough holes to thread the cord and hang the fabric. It will make a bed and be strong.
 But you might want a stronger version that looks a bit better.  This has two eyelets for each net loop. So that's 24 eyelets in all.
Now loop the nylon cord through.
Up through one eyelet, through the metal net loop and down through the next eyelet, and along to the next pair...
When all are threaded, draw a tight knot.
And seal the ends from fraying with a flame.
Now allow for testing with the cats.
And then just find a wall or place to mount the basketball hoop. And enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You will never stop to amaze me Aiti!! This new bed is a brilliant idea and looks so easy to make.I must admit,you are the best cat mother,ever!!!!Everyday,after i read your blog i feel guilty for not doing much about my 6 lovely cats..
Lots of love from Greece