Ruska is number 4 of the Muhos Gang. He is a fluffy 6.6kg mancat. He gets very scared and nervous so hides most of the time, but is loving our string games in the morning. He has many clever hiding places and somehow sneaks out to the catio whenever he can. He was very unhappy when he was separated from Rilli, Risto and Roosa and was so happy to be back with them. He adores Rilli so much he even lies on Äiti's bed next to him, despite the fact Äiti is in the bed. Then he lets her tickle his chin for a while before running into the sauna.

Update: 6 Feb 2011
Ruska has grown in confidence. He is now our beautiful black panther. He still does not like human touch, except very rarely, but he still adores Rilli. He now plays with some of the others and is happy to chase around, especially when he thinks Äiti is not looking. He goes out in the snow on the catio, and eagerly joins the regular mousewatch. He dug up a frozen shrew once and was very happy. At feeding times he is most confident, jumping up to grab at any tuna that is dished out.

Update: Ruska left us to hunt mousies over the Rainbow Bridge in September 2018. He was a truly mighty panther and is sorely missed by everyone.