Risto and Roosa

Risto (full name Risto-Reipas) and Roosa are brother and sister. They are manx cats: Risto has a three-quarter length tail, and Roosa no tail but a little stump.  With Rilli, they are the Muhos gang, adopted on 31 July. They lived with their human for 7 years before she sadly died, and now they are homed with us.

Risto is lively and confident, but has produced stinky sprays which none of us like. Roosa is nervous and beautiful, but loves her kissanmintu.  

Risto and Roosa occupied their own area at the top of the stairs but were teased a lot. They then moved into their own Stumpy Suite with balcony, away from the rest.
Risto left for the brdige on 31st Dec 2016, passing peacefully in his sleep. Roosa lived alone in the Suite, but had Äiti all to herself every night, which she loved. She left us in April 2020.