Rilli is one of the Muhos Gang. He lived for 16 years with a lovely lady who died, leaving 6 cats to rehome. He was the oldest, and on 31 July 2010, Äiti brought him to us. He is very confident and loving, but was a bit of a challenge to our hierarchy.

Rilli passed over to the Bridge 5 March 2012. He had a big appetite for life, but chronic renal failure had taken its toll.   During his stay with us -it was our honour to have him in perheeni - he became Äiti's shadow and would follow her around and meet all visitors, sitting on the table while we had tea and pulla. He would eat a lot!

He and Stran-veli had a good understanding and respected each other as two seniors.

And he would show a playful side too - he loved his nip like the best of us! Äiti loves this photo as it shows he gorgeous white tail tip. He also had a couple of tabby patches on his fur - now that is a genetic challenge!

It is so cruel when a body fails but  the mind does not. Rilli-ukko kept bright eyed, but was very weak when we asked ystävämme eläinlääkäri to visit. It was very hard for her as she had known him for 18 years, and he was very special to her. Rilli kept on eating though even until the end - he loved muikku. He would rip your paw off for muikku! We hope there are many muikkua waiting for him now.