We are most privileged to be have been painted by two very talented artists. The Official Royal Portrait Painter to the King Kitty Cat of Finland (North), is Denise Laurent. Her website, The Painted Cat, shows just how she can capture our beauty and magnificence.
This is my official third birthday portrait.  It was a total surprise when Denise gave it to Äiti, while she was visiting the Society of Feline Artists show in London in 2011.
 Here are two portraits of Mirsku from December 2011.
This is definitely a characteristic pose!
And he's upside down again - this is Mirsku's usual state.
 And here is an enchanting depiction of Rilli-ukko, a memorial portrait which was a most touching gift to Äiti, April 2012.
And the burmese butterballs get everywhere. This picture was painted in August 2012 - it's called 'Catch me if you can'. A magnificent title and the picture really shows how fast these two thundercats can be.
Denise also painted our very own Jura, trudging across the catio in the deep, cold snow drifts. She has turned this beautiful painting into a Christmas card. 
And here is Aila. This is stunning - her eyes are just glowing, and her mouth is ever so slightly open in a most flirty way. 
And our most recent painting from Denise, of our much missed Tuomo. This really captures his smile so well. Äiti has this on a shelf, and feels it is Tuomo himself looking down on her.
Äiti commissioned this trio of prints - 'The Wrestlers' showing Tuomo tussling with Jura. This is how Äiti really remembers Tuomo.

Sampo has already had TWO paintings done! Grass Monster.
 And 'Feather Dance'.
Just look at this detail. Wow. 

And here is Ruska with 'Little Fishie'. We hasten to add Äiti does not wear red nail polish - this was 'artistic licence'! But Ruska's expression is wonderful.
And last but not least, this is a most fitting pose for a king.
Our other commissioned artist is Carolyn-täti and we are waiting for Äiti to get her rear in gear to photograph the amazing pictures that have been adorning our walls.
Here Stran-veli is blissed out on kissanminttu. This was before he had his eye operation.
And Aila-sisko as a little kitten. Look how the background spells 'trouble' and 'mischief'.
And for some reason there's another painting of Mirsku! Äiti says he is a very paintable cat. 
And here are Harris and Lewis, done by Carolyn-täti.
We are also privileged to know a local artist, Petra Kaminen-Mosher who caught Stran's amazing energy in this watercolour. This is proudly hanging on our wall.
 Here she has got Seppo's stern expression perfectly.
Her work can be seen here, and  you can also buy a print, or bag, or mug or nearly anything with Seppo on here!
Here is Mesi.

And we do have a really interesting print on the wall, from a few years ago. This was done by a company called You Are Art in the UK, and is made from hundreds of Äiti's photos all mosaicked together into Stran's face. You have to be a long way from it to get the best effect to see Stran, but up close you can see loads of different shots.


Unknown said...

These are wonderful!!!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

I'm sure you can guess which one Rumblemum loves best, but I love the one of you, your highness!