Mirsku is a Raahe boy, who lived in a house but for some reason his human there gave him up and luckily he went to eläinkoti, where Äiti found him (19 Feb 2010).
He is a big man cat, 7.7kg when he arrived.now he has been chasing me he has lost weight and is maybe a few hundred grammes less! 
When he first arrived he disappeared under the bed and Äiti got a bit worried, but there was no need a she was on his back kicking away at a kissanmintu toy.  

Mirsku is enthusiastic about life - he loves to have his bottom scratched, and runs around full of life and bounce. As he's so big, this is actually a bit scary at times, but I am also a big mancat and can wrestle and box with him. We have great fun, even if he can squash me.

Update: our mighty Mirsku left us in November 2019, with throat cancer. His playful nature and tabster bulk are much missed. He was a great Felocrat.