Harris and Lewis

Harris and Lewis are litter-mates, and were taken to the Bristol cat home because they 'didn't interact much' which makes Äiti mad because it takes humans to make us cats interact with them. Harris and Lewis are both really shy - even after 8 years with Äiti. They will accept tickles but only when they are hiding. They never come to Äiti and sometimes are nervous about coming to me! Whatever happened in their first four years of life, they certainly were never loved much. Their adoption date is 3 June.
But when they relax they love to play, and enjoy the kissanmintu as well as any of us. Harris in particular loves our catio, and he adores Stran who he even lets sit on top of him! He always tries to sneak up on Stran and sleep next to him each night - it is very sweet and now I am a big mancat, I am not jealous of this.
Lewis has a virus from when he was in Bristol, and he often has a gunky eye which Äiti would like to wash more often. She also would like to comb him but he can move very fast when he sees the diabolical comb.

Harris left for the Rainbow Bridge in April 2013. We were devastated. He had a large tumour in his tummy. Äiti knows Harris was never oriented towards people but he loved us kitties, and also Tessie-kilpikonna. He adored Stran, and was the most friendly and gentle to us all. We miss him.

Lewis left us in in April 2019, with extensive mouth cancer. He had become more social with Äiti, and even was once on her lap. He loved the other felines.

In a lovely coincidence, both Harris and Lewis left us on April 23rd, but years apart. That is now their day.