Aila is a British domestic girlcat. She was my first introduction to girlcats and she is about three years older than me, so I had to do as she says. Now I am grown up and she is nervous after her luxating patella operation, it is easy to tease her which is also a bit mean.

Her birthday is 5 June. She was born to a young mother cat in Knowle, Bristol. The mother cat didn't know what to do and did not wash the kittens. The cat's owner got the blood-and-kitten bundle to the cat home in Bristol and the lady there took them to the vet,. Three girl cats were saved but they all were a bit slow developing. Their back legs were not so strong, and they did not focus their eyes properly. All needed good homes and Äiti said she would have the weakest one so she took Islay. At the time all Äiti's cats had names on a Scottish theme, and Islay is an island on the west coast of Scotland.
Islay developed very well - her back legs were very strong and she could see well, and she was a clever little minx. When she came to Finland her name was impossible to pronounce when anyone saw it written, but it is said the same as the Finnish name 'Aila' so the spelling was changed.
Aila spent a lot of time in the bedroom as she and Tuomo-veli don't get on so well and she was a bit scared after her painful knee experience. This was a clever place to be though, as she got lots of cuddles from Äiti.

When the Muhos gang arrived, Aila found her old confidence and now behaves like she owns the place. She leaps around and biffs anyone who annoys her, and runs away when she is chased. It is great fun. She is a girlcat who always speaks her mind! She loves the catio and has been braving the winter snows. Luckily with her black tail we will never lose her in a snowdrift.