Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Sofa Swap

During my unwelcome absence last week, Äiti decided it was finally time to bid farewell to an old friend - the sofa. She bought this on the first day she was here in Finland(N), nearly eight years ago. It has served us well, and absorbed all sorts of things, hehehehe. She took it out on the Catio and it was immediately inspected from new angles.
The Felociraptors were all over it. And inside.
It was extremely interesting and I am frustrated I was not around to experience this joy.
Mesi and Jura discussed its fine workmanship.
And had great fun inspecting it for any lost treasure. And no, there aren't always loads of coins stashed in sofas!
The new sofa was delivered and covered with a blankie within seconds, for some reason. While I was exiled, no one peemailed it which is just as well as that is my honour. And as you saw from the blog yesterday I did indeed do so - within 4 minutes of seeing it!

My recovery continues, but Äiti is now getting concerned about my behaviour - suffice to say she was not impressed by my territory marking as I have not done this in the bedroom. I also felt well enough to chase Veikko. She is concerned I am stressed, and in turn I have been stressing the others of perheeni. She said that everyone has been 'remarkably calm' when I have been in exile. Well, of course they were, they were missing me and subdued as they were worried. Äiti is not thinking clearly.


Eastside Cats said...

Hmm...what a puzzlement! Punapippuri is stressed, no doubt...feeling poorly AND vet stuff. I am sorry that he peemailed the new couch!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

The Mom here is always amazed at the delicate system between cats and how illness, vet trips, new additions, etc., can trip up the system and set it spiraling out of control.
We are wishing you all calmness, health, and continued recovery.

Summer at said...

Maybe they are in revolt and don't want a king! Maybe they want to take away your title!

Just Ducky said...

Pee-mailed already? The only new thing here was a chair many years ago.