Monday, 1 May 2017

Monday Mutterings

Apparently I have to show some photos of birds on the blog. Pöh. Äiti used to do a lot of watching of birdies but then her head got spinny so she has not been out much. On Friday, however, she abandoned us for a short trip out of town to see what she could spot. First she was 'delighted' to find flocks of kuovi, or curlew. Now we have one family of these near here and Daddy Curlew struts around at 3am making a huge noise. So I don't se why she was happy about these noise-mongers returning.
However, laulujuotsen is welcomed. Our national bird, the whooper swan. We have these nearby on the lake, and they are also noisy - however we don't argue with them.
 And then the kurki, cranes.  These are also huge and noisy.
Now this was the best 'spot' of the day! This handsome feline was in the fields of Muhos, about two kilometres from where I was found as pikku pentu, cold and hungry. So, it could be a relative of mine. Luckily this was in fields near a farm and some houses, so Äiti was sure s/he was not homeless and left him/her to wander the fields hunting for lunch.


Katnip Lounge said...

so many many dinners...and Äiti didn't bring you back even a small one???


Summer at said...

That was an interesting episode of Bird TV! And that kitty is GORGEOUS!

Eastside Cats said...

I took bird photos this weekend too, Punapippuri, but only of one little screech owl. There was a lecture about bats, so I took photos of them. And then I got home to feed ground, cooked turkey to the cats. Am I a hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

EC, many foods are beautiful until you eat them.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Such big birds! We're lucky to have a sparrow or lark come near the our catio, but we have several Canadian Geese that fly over and make a most monstrous noise!
Thank your human for taking us on her birding trip.