Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Flag Day

Äiti, that was a really bad time to take a photo. I was climbing the highest pole to put out a little Finnish flag for you; but as you caught me mid-climb all you are going to get is a stinkeye!
Why the flag? Well, yesterday I received notification that we have a new Finnish citizen: Äiti! her application was approved and she has been heartily welcomed to join the huge party we are going to have this year as it is Finland's 100th birthday. On the notification was this nice little message about congratulations,  joining the party and helping everyone in building the future for Finland. She was very happy.
And, as King Kitty Cat of Finland(N),  I have given her the paw (and peemail) of approval.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

A peemail on the official document would be extra special.
(your very own stamp of approval..) MOL!

Summer at said...

Congratulations to your human! I'm glad Finland has given Äiti its stamp of approval.

When the cat is away said...

Hurray!!! (That's Mom. We cats are very very afraid. Here's a quote from our blog - our thoughts after Äiti visited our place for the first time):

Tessa here. Thank you for all your support! We’re still struggling to get our most excellent service back, but we’re afraid the days of our 5-star hotel are over. So please take it from us – never let Äiti visit your human! We’re glad this woman isn’t a Finnish citizen! Imagine the consequences if she was ever elected to parliament and had legal power over Finland (S)!

WHAT?????? Help. This is a very big conspiration.

Kaisun said...

Congratulayions for Äiti! Welcome to be a Finn as the major of Your family..! :)

Just Ducky said...

Concatulations to your human. said...

Wonderful news!! Where did you immigrate from? It's Canada's 150th bday this year! Looks like both our country's are having a big year