Sunday, 1 January 2017

A sad Sunday

Yesterday afternoon Risto passed over peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge. This was not a complete surprise to Äiti as he had recently lost weight and was looking old, but even so she was shocked. Recently she had spent much more time with him and given him loads of love and scritches. This photo shows him in one of the last sun puddles we got last year.
Risto joined us in 2010 after his human died far too young. He came with litter mate Roosa, Rilli-ukko and Ruska. They were the Muhos Gang and it was tricky to integrate 4 older cats into perheeni. In particular I did not like the half-tail as he would not agree with my opinions! He and Roosa had their own space and spent the last couple of years in their own suite, which Ruska visits. Some of the rest of us try but we are removed quickly.
Now when perheeni loses a member, we are of course very sad, and Äiti has spent a lot of time cuddling us. But she also believes that lives must be celebrated: sadness is of course the main feeling but she is so very glad to have had Risto here, even if he did not feature on the blog much. She loved the way he stood up for himself, and for Roosa. The fact he did not use the litter box drove her nuts - not to say ruining the place- Risto, dude, you taught me well! Hehehe. But he was brave - he never gave in and stood his ground. He never started fights, but he always defended himself; he ended up with scratches and ear nicks, but he always stood firm. And he loved all humans. And for these things we admit his name was Risto-Reipas, and he was indeed reipas (=spirited). He was röhkeä (=brave). And he was kind.

Risto fell asleep in one of his favourite beddies and did not wake up or suffer, so his passing was peaceful and he looked quite beautiful. Now that is how we would all like to go! He spent the night in state on the balcony as the New Year fireworks and also some northern lights were showing.   Roosa is being given lots of extra attention today from Äiti, but she is a wise cat - she understands.

Comments for this post are off - it is better; go hug your kitties instead but we thank you and know you care.