Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday Musings

The leaves have fallen, the plants are dying and Äiti has taken down the outside wall shelves. Here is a panorama of part of the Catio. She has decided to leave the branches up. 
It was quite chilly outside so most of us were snoozing in the warm. Mirsku came out to chew some grass while it is still there - Äiti better start sprouting some for us indoors soon.
He had a good sniff around: under the tarps there are good mousie hiding places so we hope they will be filled over winter. The Rock of Norway has been moved a little but is still doing a fine job.
Pekka was posing on the table.
And here we have some of the remains of our kissanminttu.   Each year we are hopeful some will survive through the winter, but just to make sure Äiti does save the seeds every year for a fresh crop.
Mesi went to check it out but Äiti didn't place the pots very conveniently. She says they'll be moved when the snows come.


Gigi said...

No that anyone compares to YOU, King P, but Mirsku and Pekka are some fine lookin' strappin' Finnish Mancats with plenty of sisu.

Is Mesi still being nice to you?

Mr Puddy said...

" Mirsku !!!! Kiss xoxox Kiss soso KISS ! "
Dude that was my mom, Not me.. Meow to meow =^x^=

I have never seen Red kissanminttu before !
Mine ( in Australia ) is always green. In Thailand I'm waiting for the survivor !

Have Fun !

Summer said...

That's pretty amazing, everything that needs to be done for those of you who have a REAL winter!

Eastside Cats said...

The catnip has turned some pretty colors!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We wish we could send some of our extra warmth to you!