Friday, 2 September 2016

Perimeter Patrol

I have been extremely busy watching for Intruder Kitty. Äiti left the GoPro on a time lapse to show just how conscientious we are being. I started at sunrise.
I was outside for many hours.
 Despite changes in weather I persevered. Note Mesi andJura doing nothing!
I paced around and inspected every angle.
Intruder Kitty was nowhere to be seen.
But even so, I sent a strong message.
And then I retreated to the Rock of Norway and Tessie's food supply.
A busy day indeed. And I was far more thorough in my duties than some kitties we could mention..... look who was in a right old rush!
Update after the night shift! I sent the others out on duty overnight and soon after 5am when the light was good enough for the camera to record it, Intruder Kitty was spotted. Mirsku was the first out to monitor the situation.
Then Pekka took over. Äiti finally got up and tried to get better photos but IK had turned tailio before she got there.
Now Äiti is concerned that IK is clearly out all night (unless some other neighbour gets up at stoopy o'clock and lets him/her out - not likely). Luckily in this area at night there are not likely to be predators so IK is safe from them. The temperatures are getting close to zero which is not great but also not too worrying. Äiti is going to monitor the situation closely while autumn comes; she will investigate outdoor kitty shelters if necessary.  We know many Loyal Readers are worried but it is highly likely IK has a home and is just visiting. In which case he/she can push off!


Katnip Lounge said...

You are going to wear your Royal PittyPawPads to NUBBINS, working so hard! Your housemates need to pull their weight in IK watch. Perhaps IK lives in a house with a Cat Flap?

When the Cat is Away said...

Oh, you're doing great work!!

At our old place, we had 2 IK!!!! Mr. Black Cat and another one who looked like Kajsa in XXL. Both came to our garden when we were inside - so unfair. Well, at least Mr. Black Cat run as fast as he could when he saw Kajsa outside, so maybe we should send Kajsa over to you - she'd be a great Catio guard.

Kaisun said...

Rough guard shift! Servant could also check the Karkurit-website, if anyone is missing a traditional coloured household adult kitty in the local area..

Summer said...

Even if your visitor has a home, it's clear he or she is being sorely neglected! I do think some cold weather shelters may be in order.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You are doing a good job keeping lookout for IK.

Eastside Cats said...

Nice patrolling work, Puna!

pilch92 said...

That poor kitty probably sees how happy you all are and wants to join the family.