Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wordy Wednesday

The heats have arrived - well, our heats are moderate compared to some Loyal Readers' but nonetheless they are hot to us. I have had to lie back and enjoy while Tessie eats yet another lettuce.
Now we have had a few questions from Loyal Readers and I am allowing Äiti to answer them while I ventilate my tummy. Firstly, no one is allowed to touch the Royal Curly Bits - Äiti bears the scars.

1. Ruska - is he more confident? Yes he is. Since being groomed a few weeks ago (which needed sedation) he is a bit braver. He loves Pekka and Mirsku in particular and when they are nearby I can sometimes scritch him.

2. Ruska - cinammon underwear ? Yes, he has brown underfurs. His name, Ruska, means the autumn colours of reds and browns and these were noticed by his human even as pikku pentu. He will be ten years old this summer.

3. Sphynxie bathing - do they 'enjoy it' ? Not particularly - they tolerate it. Veikko is much more settled when in the tub than Seppo is. They both like being clean afterwards although Veikko HATES me checking his chin for pimples. Seppo likes having his ears cleaned of wax; Veikko dislikes this. They are the other way round on claw clipping and Seppo squeals like a piglet when he gets a pedicure.

And I just wanted to add my thanks to 15 and meowing about the tooth fairy - the postage overseas is silly expensive and it really is the thought that counts - besides the felociraptors would steal the toy form Aila anyway!


Summer said...

Binga doesn't squeal when she gets her claws trimmed - she screeches and howls! So be thankful Seppo's just a tad less dramatic.

Gigi said...

NO ONE has ever clipped my royal claws--at least not while I was conscious--and no one ever will. That's that.

I has the cinnamon underwears too.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

We hope that the sun feels as good on furs as it does on skin! As for grooming routines, Dragonheart tolerates pretty much all of it, but the other two... Oh my.

Eastside Cats said...

An adorable cast of kitty characters at Äiti's place!