Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wondrous Wednesday

At the Cat Show on Saturday Äiti met with some of our Loyalest Readers  who are also immensely generous. Just look at this stash of most scrumptious foodables and treats we got! Oh yes. My absolute favourite Party Mix which I decided I would claim immediately.
But Jaava had other ideas; she hunted down a pack and set about disembowelling it. You see she knew this was from Lilla-Ebba who is a mighty hunter down in Raahe, and she wanted to demonstrate her own hunting skills and girlcat domination - as you can see from the video below!
Veikko kept watch - he wanted to enjoy the spoils but needed the safety of the most magnificent paper bag we also got.
I would have quite liked to stay in it myself, but perhaps you can guess who evicted me.
Yup! Mesi.
And in turn Mirsku evicted her - no room in there even for a small one next to him, hehehe.
So here is a (sightly long) video of Jaava's hogging of the Party Mix - even when Äiti spreads some of the delicious innards around, she still keeps us away. Pöh.


Summer said...

That is hilarious how Veikko and Pekka keep their distance and only dare grab the outlying treats! Nice gifts... if you can get them!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL... The pink bag must smell sooooo good !

Eastside Cats said...

You kitties really scored! Darnit, the video wouldn't work for me...rats

SpittySpeaks said...

Two items:

1) She did all the work. Ergo, she deserves the lion's share of the treats.

and . . .

2) The female is deadlier than the male(s).

pilch92 said...

Better than Christmas.