Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Fur Fluidity

Loyal Readers, we pride ourselves on being a tolerant gang. Admittedly I am respectful of the moods of girlcats, and try to lie low when the felociraptors come stampeding through, but perheeni is a place where we can be ourselves and celebrate our differences. Which is just as well as Seppo appears to be having a little identity crisis. His pedigree clearly states he is black. His nosicle and muzzle confirms this.
After his first winter, he began to grow tail fuzz. This revealed he has a stripey tailio. His ears have brown bits too (and not just the wax inside).
His brown tailio fuzz has now been joined by white patches on his thighs and between his shoulder blades. 
His knees are brown.
 And his sultanas, well, they were the first part to show brown!
So we can only come to one conclusion: Seppo has to come out of his closet and declare himself to be a tortie! He says he feels more comfortable identifying himself in this way but is not so sure that he wants to have 'tortitude' though he is keeping open-minded.  He is practising by growling when he eats, which Äiti thinks is very sweet and funny. it's a good ploy as he gets more food. I wonder if it'd work for me ?


Summer said...

That type of behavior is only seen positively in torties, Puna. Tortoiseshell cats get away with everything. You should know, living with Mesi!

Gigi said...

But which baffroom does he use? (heh heh, or maybe that's just an American hang-up!)

Kari said...

Being a tortue gives him identification options. The best of all worlds.

Eastside Cats said...

Seppo, we accept you no matter what fur color you want to identify with! You can pee next to me (or is that just an American hang-up?) You are a handsome mancat, Seppo!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

We love Seppo's brown, fuzzy tail! With us nekkids, colour can be very hard to determine. Merlin's pedigree says he is a seal point and white, but he certainly isn't. Others have suggested a seal mink and white, a blue and white, a blue lynx and white, a chocolate and white or a chocolate lynx and white. The only way to tell is with a DNA test, and since we are not being used for breeding or show, there's no need.

Responding to your comment on our blog, seeing the war graves and the battlefield sites of the Somme were very sobering for our humans. They hope to visit the Normandy beaches one day, to pay their respects, as they've only visited WWI sites so far.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You have choices, Seppo. You can even change your mind daily if you want to.

Just Ducky said...

Maybe a tiger (Seppo) can change his stripes.