Monday, 13 June 2016

Mancat Monday Slapdown

We have been busy with fights and wrestling matches over the last few weeks, and there is definitely a divide between Breed Cats and Moggies. The Felociraptors (burmese and sphynxies) are definite pack hunters but Mirsku is unafraid to take them on. And as you can see, he conserves his energy.
Jura stays behind him as Mirsku is about to whap Sampo on the head.

Sampo is pulled down, Mirsku merely rolls on his back more.  
This enables Mirsku to do some back paw kicking. Jura stays away.
Mirsku the Mighty has squished Sampo - this time. And just as well, that scratch on Äiti's face is still very visible and Sampo has still not appeared to be at all sorry.


Katnip Lounge said...


Mirsku, give 'em HELL. I'll be right there to screech from the sidelines and add a few rapid moggette whaps of my own!

Yr Feisty TortieMeeze,

ML xoxoxoxoxo

Summer said...

Mirsku has impressive technique!

When the Cat is Away said...


We strong and talented moggies will always beat those silly breed cats! Eventually at least.

We're on your side here, Punatiikeri. And even Aila may agree on this one?

Lone Star Cats said...

Nice teckneek!