Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tortoise torstaina*

A day or so ago Tessie had her first snack of the year. She's sulking now as the weather is cooler.
* Torstai is Thursday in Finnish


Gigi said...

She looks . . . tasty! The lettuce, well, not so much. Now now now, I know Tessie is not a snack. I was just thinkin' is all.

Summer said...

She looks hungry.

pilch92 said...

Nice to see Tessie.

Kari said...

Tessie has only just begun to eat? We could never wait!
We'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and stays warm. We love seeing Tessie!

Anonymous said...

Yesh PPP.

Now grow up all voikukat and lettuces. Tessie gonna enjoy her life.
Love Tessie.