Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wordy Wednesday

A huge outrage has occurred. My peace has been rudely disturbed. Okay, so I yak about a furball or two (Äitimake that 6 in 4 weeks), and I eat two whole pouches a day without getting tubby, and maybe I can be a bit hissy (so much so you scratch my face when you want to whap Jura at 3am), but is that any reason to take me to ystävämme eläinlääkäri ?
I was very, very unimpressed.
Firstly, I was imprisoned in the bathroom all night. Äiti ignored my pleading eyes. I was not given brekkie. I then foolishly trusted Äiti and allowed myself to be scooped up and pushed into the PTU, tempted by my yellow blankie in there. I was then driven hundreds of miles (4km) to the city centre, in a snowstorm. I sang and sang and sang but did my people answer my song ? Nope! I then got carried great distances through the freezing streets to the vet place (100m, -2°C) where Äiti was most rude to the human with a 17 year old gentleman cat as she was spinning out and not good with her Finnish. I may have wailed like pikku pentu when Äiti left me all alone for hours (2 mins) while she went to have a wee. After a lifetime's wait (10mins) I was summoned by ystävämme eläinlääkäri  and was weighed, and blood taken, litres of it (2 little tubes). I was given a pink bandage, with hearts on which Äiti  refused: instead I got the blue one with fishes which was very smart. But I still flung it off within 5 minutes. I was then scooped up and taken for a röntgen. Äiti and the vet nurse put on lead aprons and I was pinned to the table despite my brave fighting and protests (you held very still...): Äiti had my front paws, the vet nurse had my back. I was held tight for hours (30secs) and finally escaped before being bombarded with death rays. I was grabbed and pinned again for hours (29secs) and the röntgen was taken. I then leapt onto Äiti's shoulders and stayed there, refusing to go to the vet nurse so Äiti had to take her apron off first and then I allowed myself to be put in the PTU. Well, my röntgen showed I have the most marvellous femurs - very strong bones, Oh yes. But I have yet another furball brewing. I also am a bit full of poop and some gas. Pöh.  But I have no body fat and that is a problem - especially as I eat more than any of the others every day - except maybe Aila who could donate more than a kilo to me if she wished.
So Äiti has been told I have to be brushed twice daily. Yeah right - she does that - or tries. I allowed brushing and combing at ystävämme eläinlääkäri  as I was pretty powerless at that point, but if they think that will be daily - no way. My curly bits are far too private for that.  So apparently a bath may help. No no no no no ei ei ei ei ei ei. No way.  In the meantime, Äiti feeds me something to help me 'go' and I will have high fat foods. And we see what the bloods show.

So, Loyal Readers I am after information...... how do you cope with brushing and hairballs ? Especially you long-furred felines.... I am most interested. It would appear I have no choice over this and Äiti needs help so I do not explode with paws and claws and jaws everywhere. I have begun to enjoy the Diabolical Comb - on my own terms - but not in the curly bits. And no suggestions of shaving please - that would not even be considered funny. 

Now, we also have a video to show you. Be very impressed at this: our nekkids have sisu in buckets. Well, maybe not Veikko but Seppo was not deterred by the snows. He saw a squirrel; he hunted! He stalked through snow fearlessly. And the the rotten rodent just chuckled at him as he disappeared over the roof. Pöh. But what a brave sphynxie: Sir Stinkalot the Bold. And insane.

Don't panic - he came in for a nice warm cuddle very soon!


Summer said...

I can't believe that little bald boy was running around in the snow! The least that squirrel could have done was sacrificed himself and fallen at his feet for all that fortitude!

As for the brushing, sadly, we are of no help. Our fluffiest family member, Boodie, rarely mats or gets hairballs, even though she is not brushed very often. And when she is, she is fairly agreeable, although she won't stay in one place. My human sets her out in the enclosed catio (easier to brush up cat fur there) and follows her around, brushing her until she is done.

Gigi said...

A Royal Poutrage of the First Order. If I were you, I'd sic Aila on Aiti. That'd show her. And then make her buy you a Furminator. She could make some more cats out of it, too.

When the Cat is Away said...

(My stupid computer still tells me that I need a plug-in to view the video, but not which. Sigh. Could you add the link to youtube?)

I think Äiti said that Tessa has similar fur than you. Unfortunately, I can't give her any advice. Tessa normally handles fur balls, but it was a nightmare when we were in Germany last summer. It was over 30 degrees in the flat of my parents and both girls lost a lot of fur. I had to brush them daily, and I got so much fur each time that I was wondering if they'll become nekkid soon. The best tool for getting most fur was a cheap plastic lice comb. I bought it at a pharmacy for about 0,80 €. I also have a more high quality lice comb from a pet store, but the cheap plastic one is much better. I cut their claws to protect me, and tried to convince them with Dreamies.

It feels crazy that I give you any advice on cats - but I would highly recommend this lice comb, as brushing was most effective with it.

When the Cat is Away said...

P.S. I bought it at a Finnish pharmacy, not a German. They only had an expensive one in the shelf. I asked if they had others, and then they gave me the plastic one from a drawer.

Anonymous said...

Wau PPP.
Our brave King won battle again. Maybe Äiti thinks otherwise, but we see Your Hines as a winner. PPP vs. Cruel humans - 6-0.

But I love ystävämme eläinlääkäri - she is funny lady. And pink bondage - ccuuutee, I used to keep it at least week in Place.


Kari said...

We can't watch the poor nekked boy out in the cold. He may have sisu but he may have chest cold too.
Our Mum uses tools intended for dogs ( gasp) to manage our longhairs difficult coats. Some of us never mat or knot but others seen to mat up as soon as Mum gets finished with grooming. She uses a rake and a mat breaker. She uses both types of rakes. And the mat breaker won't really cut through mats but helps to lift and separate them. She uses a regular human comb when all of out tangles are gone( be sure it is a static control one).As far as bathing, bathing a matted, knotted cat makes the coat problem worse. Mum knows from sad experience.

Kari said...

P.S. If you deceide to get a mat breaker, try to get one with the teeth on the end rather than side. Easier to use.

Terri said...

Jenna has fairly long fur and tolerates brushing with a fine wire brush. She gets over stimulated and moves around to rub her chin on everything. That makes her a challenge to properly groom.

I'd recommend starting slowly with just a couple strokes. You may not be able to brush the tummy and curly bits--Jenna does not allow that!

pilch92 said...

I hope your blood work is OK and that you are feeling better.

Katnip Lounge said... about bribery? If you let Aiti get the topside while you inhale some treats, mayhaps you could be trusted to do the curly bits solo. Half is better than none! Mommy says if Aiti makes it seem like you are getting something "special" it might be more enjoyable.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Merciful heavens, King! We cannot believe this outrage has happened to you and we just saw it! Thank cod that you were able to draw a bit of blood and leave your mark. We do hope you were rewarded for your troubles when you were finally able to take your leave of that dastardly place! We are purring that you have passed your blood tests with flying colors!

Saku said...

Poor King P! What an awful experience. We is all short hair so the mom bean has no ideas. (not a huge surprise, she's not furry bright)

Sasha, Sami, & Saku