Saturday, 13 February 2016

Saturday's Solution

Well, we knew several Loyal Readers would go googling and Baldrian Wurzel is indeed valerian root. Apparently, it was sold as tea for humans. Yeah right, as if Äiti would be able to drink any of that!  Nope, we got into the contents first.
Who would be the first to snort ?
Silly question!
And Äiti sprinkled some on the toy we were sent.
Mesi had to check the box. Yes, I was tempted to push her in and seal it up - Mesi has become quite a little minx teasing me recently. Pöh.
So many thanks to the gals at When the cat is away for this wonderful supply of high quality kitty drugs. But you two need to do something about your human - she is insane for sending us tins of food that you girls love. Come on Kajsa and Tessa, get her trained!


Katnip Lounge said...

ohO! so there's a Finland (S) connection for the good dope, eh?


Summer said...

Valerian tea? I'd drink that... but I don't think my human would!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

What a waste of good valerian root to make it into tea for humans! Enjoy it before Äiti decides she wants to try it!

When the Cat is Away said...

We're so glad you enjoyed the package! <3 And don't worry, Mom says she's a lot of fish cans left. She ordered those before we moved in here, and she didn't quite think it through when she got 3 x 24 cans.... each 400 mg, and we eat about 100 mg at a time. (3 different flavors, but very similar to each other). Haha. That means we had 72x 400 mg! She'll also give some to the shelter.


Btw: Äiti knows that I don't like to intervene what other cat "owners" are feeding. However, I really like the Smilla fish (in the opposite to the meat) selection: the ingredients are all declared. We know that Äiti orders sometimes from Zooplus. Smilla fish in 800 mg cans cost only 2,08 / kg, which is about the same as Latz. ;) Just wanted to let you know in case Äiti wants to order some surprise for you. /the human