Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday Special

Now yesterday's photo was quite popular and I have agreed with Äiti that we can share some actual footage from Pekka's first try with the GoPro. Here we have some highlights when he dashes out into the frozen lands of the Catio - along with a couple of other brave mancats.
Now there is a longer video here, which shows some indoor action too but we figured you'd have to be a true Loyal Reader to want to watch 5 minutes of this.
The still photos (Äiti sets it up to take a picture and do video) are very poor quality given the low light inside, but we do like these two Lewis is checking the feeding troughs (empty of course!).
And here Seppo is caught in a blur as he chases around like a mad thing.  Pekka is pretty good at action photos.


When the Cat is Away said...

OF COURSE we watched the long version! Ok, one reason was also that our computer told us that we needed a plugin to display the short version, but Mr. Super Clever PC forgot to say which plugin.

However, we LOVED the Pekka cam. Please, more! And hehe, Mom said "Socks!!!! She needs socks" when she first saw Äiti's feet.

P.S. About the Golden Glacier: we aren't allowed to have one. Mom said that she'll take away all evidence if we start one. It's something about sharing the garden with our neighbors, and that she's embarrassed. Bah.

Anonymous said...

so thats how it feels to be a cat! very interesting.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I watched the long version too! It was great fun to see the world from Pekka's perspective. My mum keeps asking me if I am sure I don't want to wear the camera again,(photos only, no video).

Summer said...

Great job, Pekka! It was almost like I was in Finland (north) with all of you.

A Tonl said...

Pekka we are impressed with your photography skills!

Kari said...

Well done, Pekka! What's good sport you are to wear the camera. We watched the long version and love the paw flicks. The little meows drove Mum mad.