Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Souvenirs

So Äiti wanted to share some holiday photos, and I suppose I cannot object seeing as she has the thumbs. She spent just over a week in her homelands, and was very pleased to come back to Finland (N) which she finds calmer and quieter. However she said there were many benefits to England. Here is the first: Muffin, the gorgeous senior somali of the Royal Portrait Painter, Denise Laurent whom she visited. 
And Muffin's housemate is Harry who was instantly all over the polliwog Äiti gave him.
Oh, and here' Bramble again - showing her 'tocks. Now Bramble and Treacle both love taking their humans on walks round the back of the house to the allotments.  Äiti was good enough to do this, despite her treatment by the disdainful Britcat, hehehehe.
And this is the view from the back garden of Bramble and Treacle's place. Not bad!
In Britain cats  wander freely so quite often she met Ginge, a neighbour.
And they met this little black missy on a geocaching trip. She was far more concerned with inspecting the canal banks for mousies than staying for tickles.
Äiti met up with a university friend and her dog. Yes, dogs! Äiti doesn't like out of control little yappy  canines but luckily these girls were well behaved and full of the joy of autumn, leaping around the fields fetching their balls which were very slobbery.
And no visit to England is complete without time in a pub - apparently. And this was a brilliant place of which I heartily approve. Aila loves custard so she was a bit jealous about this.
And inside the pub there was indeed a cat - a senior kitty called Mary. Carolyn went off to use the facilities when they were in the pub and was gone a very long time. So long Äiti went on a rescue mission, only to find Carolyn safely under the paw with Mary on her lap.  That went on for a while......


Katnip Lounge said...

Now Mommy wants to go to Merry Olde England!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Looks like Aiti had a great time on her trip, but did she get any custard at the Inn??

Gigi said...

well, well, well, someHuman was a regular tart wasn't she? I mean, *one* affair might be tolerable, but she was something of a hussy.

A Tonl said...

oooh that looks like a LOVELY trip! Our mom wants to go too!

Summer said...

That is totally awesome that Denise has a Somali! Paws up!

Anonymous said...

Yesh PPP.

Cats outside free like us (me, max and tepsu) - a real catlife. I ate just one stinky bird - is it illegal?

Servant purrs whwn he saw the pub - talking 'bout beer and whisky from Aila. Is he gonna become grazy?


Saku said...

It looks like Aiti had a wonderful trip full of friends and other kitties. We is sure she missed you though.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

pilch92 said...

Excellent photos.