Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shy Saturday

We try to respond to our Loyal Readers and Äiti has been under orders to get photos of Lewis for Vilperi's servant. Well, Lewis is being very shy right now and Äiti is trying to build his confidence. She apologises that all she has to show is this unflattering picture of both him and Aila. They quite often spend the day in this double basket - no doubt discussing Britcat stuff together.
Every evening when our 'extra rations' are given - these are mainly for Veikko as he's just a pikku pentu (!) and me as I always need more food - Lewis is now  joining in with this feast. This please her greatly but she does not want to take photos then and disturb him. For a short time the others are shut out and we can feast in peace. Aila, on the other hand, could do with shedding a kilo and she is not invited to this extra portion.
Tessie is eating well, when the weather warms her up - which isn't often this summer. She's not particularly shy but is very sulky. We all are - this summer has not been bright and sunny.


Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy is so gratified to see "her" Aila!

Summer said...

What a bummer you've been having a blah summer. So far, except for the surprise humidity for about a week, it's been normal to a little cooler than usual here - but almost always sunny.

Anonymous said...

Minäkin haluaisin nähdä kuvat kaikista ujolaisista! Nää linssiluteet on kyllä jo tuttuja... Roosa ja ketä muita onkaan. Muuten vois ajatella, että onko osa kissoista mielikuvituskissoja :P

When the Cat is Away said...

@Anonymous Haha! Good point. "Äiti" is only fooling us.

Thank you for the picture of Lewis! They sure have some important Britstuff to talk about.

Seems like we chose the perfect year to be abroad during summer. :D

Anonymous said...

Wau PPP.
My servant came veryyy happy to see Lewis and heared that he enjoy feast with Your Hines. He said that Lewis looks very calm and then he smiled (not typical him). He also love to see Aila and Tessie - the Quiets. Thanks King again. Now he(servant) has time to get back work - feeding and entertaininig me.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Each to their own, is what we say. Lewis looks most happy spending time with Aila in their double basket.
Excellent pic of Tessie!
Maybe your kittehz should get your own heatie lamp, our efforts at sending you our "hots" is apparently not working! (100+ degrees (F) here today...)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

It is nice to see Lewis. Even though he is shy, he looks as though he enjoys the double basket.

Kari said...

We're pleased to see Lewis in the double basket! As long as he is enjoying his life, on his own terms, we should require nothing more of him. Our Mum only asks of us is that we be happy and try to use the litter box.
Tessie looks marvellous! We hope there is enough warmth and sun for her to absorb enough of what she needs for a healthful hibernation.

pilch92 said...

We have one of those baskets and no one ever gets in it :(