Monday, 20 July 2015

Mancat Monday

We mancats are not averse top a bit of hugging and cuddling, especially when it comes to 'Squishy' our new silver vine toy. This furry bundle of trip-inducing delight was bought from, supplier of many great things - but please note we try to support our local business, the wonderful Muskettikoira rather than feed the profits of a big multi-national.
Pekka gained custody of Squishy and was curling his toes in delight.
Jura is a more discriminating sort - he simply inhaled deeply.
Now we realise it is a few days since we posted a picture of the new Nekkid on the Block, Veikko. So here is one - please forgive the eye gunk. We don't photoshop!
Veikko is part of the gang now but it is taking a little time for him to join in our games - he thinks it's all about him, like most pikku pentu. He is very playful and loving. And hungry. Extremely hungry. But this is good as Äiti always feeds me when Veikko gets his extra pouches. Luckily his digestive system is less sensitive than Seppo's so he is not a stinkie sphynxie. Seppo has been very itchy and scritchy - he is 'shedding' his fuzz. Here Äiti was helping him!
If you can't see the video, it's on youtube here.  Veikko and Seppo both had baths - not together though. That may come later. 


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We ARE gonna try some of that Silvervine stuff one of these days! Its just that we got so MUCH NIP around...

Summer said...

I would love to see both the Sphynxies getting baths!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We didn't know that Sphynxies shed!
Your catio is looking very lush. We bet there are some great bugs or mousies to be had! Does Aiti have vegetables growing this year?

Excellent closeup, Veikko. We love those whisker bumps!

Happy Mancat Monday!

Marilia Bavaresco said...

Have a nice week!!!!!!!

The Swiss Cats said...

Beautiful closeup, Veikko ! We're glad you're settling in so well ! Purrs

Flynn said...

Squishy looks very enticing. He looks a lot like my ferret which mum marinates in valerian for me. I like vigorous back rubs like Seppo too.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Glad that Veikko is fitting in with the gang.

Anonymous said...

Wau PPP.
Nekkid boys look silly, sorry - bath is for babies. But I agree about food - local food works. Today I ate one stinky bird and three mousies. Nam, said I.
Ok, I must agree, web works - without it I'll never knows 'bout my gorgeous KING PPP. Thanks. And now I'll enjoy paackin' tape toy, magic flying fish, Stran dunk, "valerious mousies" or things like that. Je takar, som vi brukar säga på Österbotten.
P.S. How about Lewis? Vilperi loves him, so...