Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Warrior Wednesday

Loyal Readers, if your humans go all gooey over cute little rodents and get upset about the force of nature that we felines call the killer instinct, then tell them to go away right now as what we have to report is not for the lily-livered vegetarians. Not that I wish to show disrespect to your kind and loving servants - it's just they might get a little upset with what we have to report.

Yesterday morning Äiti was quaffing tea on a sunny catio, enjoying the peace and quiet when Pekka shot over her head and up the wires, possibly breaking the sound barrier at the same time. A loud screech was heard and Äiti's first thought was for Mr & Mrs GT and their babies. But no, she soon saw that Pekka's mighty orange jaws were clamped around a huge orange rodent: a squirrel had been captured. There was much growling and Pekka trotted inside. Äiti followed, dreading what was to happen next. Pekka was encouraged to drop his prey, and much to Äiti's relief, it was deaded. Pekka is a mighty hunter and he is not cruel - he broke its neck and death was fast. As it was highly unlikely the squirrel was not badly injured, Äiti knew she would have to be merciful with it, had it been alive.

So, we were of course allowed to indulge ourselves. Pekka played first.
And then he began to feast.
 Mesi and Sampo tried to get close but Pekka growled a lot. Pekka ate the head - well most of it.
Mirsku was able to crunch on the skull.
 Jura then stood guard over the remains.
And of course I had to investigate.
Now most of the photos were too graphic for display here, but if enough Loyal Readers wish I can post some later. There is also extensive video footage which shows Ruska appearing at a later stage: again, Loyal Readers, don't watch this if your staff are easily upset.  Ruska devoured the rest of the squirrel, and no one dared argue. In fact Äiti had to remove the tail from him before he ate it all.
So, I have changed my coat of arms to show the demise of two squirrels now - and they are just the ones Äiti knows about.


Just Ducky said...

Excellent hunting. I don't get to hunt, but we see Mr Hawk outside getting birds or rabbits. Circle of life.

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy is GNASHING HER TEETH (dull ones, those) that she missed this marvel of hunting triumph! Well done Pekka--RESPECT. The video was watched, and watched, and watched. We took can you post us a squirrel??

Lone Star Cats said...

Great job hunting!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh my! A squirrel?? We thought killing mice was a real achievement.
Our hats are off to you, Pekka. Our Mommy would have never let us eat on it. Lucky kittehz!

Summer said...

That was impressive! My human's cat before Sparkle caught several squirrels every summer when they were living in Silver Lake. She was an expert hunter, and once brought my human the head - just the head - to show off. It could have been mounted, it was so perfectly severed, but my human demurred.

When the Cat is Away said...

@Angel Prancer Pie
Why wouldn't you let your cats eat the squirrel given that it was already dead / so bad injured that it wouldn't survive?

Well done, Pekka!!! I know two girls who are very jealous right now. (... and I'd love to see more pictures)

Anonymous said...

Yeah PPP.

No doubt, Pekka is pro. That not surprised us at all. He is Vihanti guy. They used to do what they have to do. Country cats are red necks and they use their instincs - that is natural. I am also red neck in many many generations and I know what to do with mosies, rats and stuff like that.

Lilla-Ebba with servant of Vilperi

Terri said...

You would be in so much trouble with me. We are glad you did eat the kill, though. Nothing like fresh warm meat to kitties.

Jenna is upset Aiti took the tail away. Jenna is notorious for swallowing her fur while grooming. She'd want that tail!

The Swiss Cats said...

Great hunting ! Well done, Pekka ! Purrs

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You are indeed a Mighty Hunter Pekka. If I wore a hat I would take it off to you.
Did the squirrel venture into the catio or did you drag it through the wire?

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I just watched the video and it seems to have given enjoyment to several of you. Ruska obviously thinks playing with the squirrel is a waste of time which was much better spent eating it.

pilch92 said...

I thought he would be wearing the tail as a hat.

Saku said...

Good hunting Pekka. Those squirrels move fast...but not fast enough for you!
They are also furry annoying because they sit outside and chatter at us 'cuz we're not allowed outside on our own. -> glaring at mom bean.

AND you even got to eat it. Way cool!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Pee Ess: The mom bean was too squeamish to watch the video, MOL