Thursday, 25 June 2015

Territorial Thursday

I am most distressed. Although my day began with a most satisfying post-squirrel fur ball (all over the bed, hehehehe) it has now turned sour as I have read the post of my alleged friend King Spitty. He has said that he is coming for us - and the Queens of Finland (South)  are already worried as they fear he will pass through Helsinki on enroute. Now we do know that the Spitster occassionally gets twitchy paws but we are horrified at what he has already done. Look at him sitting here all calm and peaceful. Look at him being all 'innocent' as if no one would notice. But we Mighty Europeans have seen what he has done.
Compare this map....... the real map.......
......with HIS MAP.
He has already redrawn the map having sliced off most of Finland. Now I have checked outside, and even though it has been raining solidly for aeons, we are not yet under the sea so his wicked plan has not come to fruition. But I have to consult with perheeni over this one; we are generally peace loving but when we are threatened like this, we Finns have sisu and will fight heroically.

King Spitty - you have twenty four hours to restore our territories or there will be a major diplomatic incident. And just in case you have forgotten we hare a great arsenal: Mirsku missiles, Seppo's chemical weapons and finally Aila the moody girlcat.


Summer said...


(Come to think of it, that is what I also said on Spitty's post.)

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Sounds like the "incident" already happened on Aiti's bed.

Anonymous said...

You are KING, we mean REAL Finlands KING. Come on you spitty - if you dare - you coward. We are ready to fight - this looks like declaration of war!!!
OUR weapons: Max - 8 kg muscle with brilliant brains.
Tepsu - tactics with tons of SISU
And me, EBBA - Total killer machine!

WE SUPPORT our gorgeous KING in every circumstanses!

P.S. Denise understand very well, what is humans place - she is smart.

When the Cat is Away said...

You've our support as well! King Spitty claimed on our blog that he won't come to Finland (S), but we think that he has no idea how things are working in Finland. If he has to use human transportation means, he'll be coming via Helsinki to Oulu.

Mamma said something confusing. If Spitty just changes flights at Helsinki-Vantaa, it’s possible that he doesn’t legally enter Finland here, because humans invented some kind of special space which isn’t really Finland. ??? She wasn’t too sure though if this is true. She also wonders if Oulu has a border control; it’s likely that Spitty needs to go through the passport control at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Once he's gone through the passport control, he's in Finland after all.

However – we don’t care about human laws. A place on our soil which isn’t Finland?? WHAT? Stupid humans. Doesn’t make any sense. So we’ll be sure to give him his first battle in Finland (S) to weaken him!

Besides – will his servant come along?? We strongly advise Spitty to not let his servant meet Äiti. Our experiences with Äiti were really bad.

Katnip Lounge said...

*teleporting reinforcements*

Kari said...

We're behind you, Punapippuri, with chemical weapons. Mum just fed us cauliflower !