Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday Solution

Well, Loyal Readers, we are totally shocked that young, innocent little Summer was the first to guess right! Yes indeedy, Jaava was playing with a crocheted sperm! We were impressed that so many of you guessed right and will randomatically pick a winner to receive their very own little swimmer, knocked out by the gnarled hands of Mom Trish. 
So, why on earth was Mom Trish producing wooly gametes ? It's a long story but one of Äiti's friends has a young son who is getting curious about where he came from, and we don't believe in storks and cabbage patches in Finland (N) so the truth was told and more questions were asked. The sperm were produced as a visual aid. Then of course there had to be an egg, and so that the lesson could be more fun a load of deformed sperm made their way out of the yarn. And of course during the process one or two were confiscated by us and they were great to play with. We now have several marinading in a tub of valerian root and they will be tossed around as soon as we can break into the box.
Mom Trish is very willing to take orders for commissions: she feels able to crochet chromosomes and zygotes, but she was a little hesitant about IVF and felt a petri dish and electron microscope might be too tricky. We think she is a wimp for this.  And as for the suggestion of a willy warmer from Flynn - this is most excellent and we are trying to persuade her that there is a great Kickstarter opportunity here.
So, we are on the last whole day of Mom Trish's visit and we have experienced many of the things we were expecting - for instance weird poses and postures as she yoga'd away.
She wanted to experience fine Finnish food so we have feasted on reindeer, pulla, lactose-free ice cream and salmon. Plus some slow roast lamb. Unfortunately Äiti is not able to share her own recipe for salmon soup as that was prepared at a cafe, but if she did cook it, this is what she would do.
Mom Trish has been shopping away and bought a reindeer hide, which the horde at the Katnip Lounge will LOVE. She decided to send this by post and we helped her pack the box.
In fact, Jura, Mesi and Seppo tried to squeeze themselves into the box to get themselves sent over to Nevada. But not all of them fitted!
So, did the box get taped up with Jura's tail, and Seppo's sultanas and tailio hanging out ? Wait and see!


Lone Star Cats said...

MOL, those are so funny. Reminds momma of a funny story - the health teacher described sperm as "nature's swimmers." Well, she wuz a competitive swimmer (as wuz anudder friend in da class), so dis boy drew sperm in their yearbooks and named them after my momma and her friend. MOL MOL!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We are SO supremely disappointed that our internets was down last night!!!

It is just as well, our Mommy would have probably made many inappropriate comments. MOL!

Happy Caturday,furriends.

Summer said...

Wow, you kitties had WAY too much fun with the Katnip Lounge human around! I can't wait to see what she brings back to Nevada for the crew!

When the cat is away said...

The two of you are hilarious!! I had a good laugh when I checked what Oulu has been up to.

Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

wot...stork??!? Babies are found in sauna under the lauteet. No storks are involved, that is childish!

Kari said...

Last day! Goodness! A safe and hopefully more relaxing trip home Mama Trish. We're sure Oulu will never be the same.
We hope Aiti will be ok so soon after her surgery with no one to help. Take it easy Aiti. Remember, overdoing it just prolongs recovery time.

Angel Simba said...

Those crocheted sperm and egg are the retest! I can't believe Trish's visit has come to an end - that was fast!!!

The Swiss Cats said...

MOL ! We're sooo disappointed that we missed yesterday's post ! Our busy mum is totally guilty ! Purrs

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That last photo is too funny!
My mum bought me a reindeer hide when she was in Norway a few years ago. I love it but it makes me bite and claw it and pull out big tufts of hair. It has some almost bald patches where I get quite carried away.

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

Like Miss Trish is having waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with you guys!! Hope your Aiti is feeling well and able to take care of you all. paw hugs Savvy

pilch92 said...

That is something I have never crocheted :)