Friday, 24 April 2015

Frisky Friday

Mom Trish has many skills, and Äiti has friends with many demands. Put the two together, and terribleness results. But it was for our incidental benefit too. Yesterday Jaava and Jura had their fourth birthday, so had toys! Jaava found her lastest prey to be quite slippery.
It was slippy and twitchy, and she had to grab its head hard to gnaw the tail.
But still it it tried to escape. Loyal readers, can you see what it might be?
Here, it is dangled above her begging paws. 

And here she has released it so you can get a good view: shame she also shows her Bottom of Disrespect.........or was that intended ?
So, what is the toy ? We have a joint competition for you. Can you suggest what Mom Trish intended (deliberately) this little squiggle of joy to be ? If you get it right (and our random prize winner picker selects you if many get it right) you too could be playing like Jaava with such a unique item.

Note to the Katnip Loungers - you Mom is crazy.


Gigi said...

It's a mousie with a screw-tail. A crocheted corkscrew.

Say, Has Momkat met Tessie???? Is she still around someplace under the furniture?

Summer said...

Oh no... is it a SPERM?!!? My human says I'm too young and too spayed to know about those things.

Anonymous said...

Me also thinks it is sperm! A siittiö to be more precise ;) Somebody has talked to the cats about birds and bees I reckon :D

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I think it is a sperm too with it's wiggly tail. Mum thought it was a willy warmer at first, but then thought even with stretching that it was rather small.

Kari said...

We dunno but we want one because it looks fun!

When Aiti feels better, can she post her recipe for her salmon soup? Our mum is totally chalanged when it comes to cooking but would like to make it.

Celeste said...

A crocheted catnip mouse?

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...


A Tonl said...

MOL!!!!!!!!!! we had to laff at the comment to the Loungers. HAH! Our mom knows mom Trish, and she says she RESEMBLES that remark! Heeee!