Friday, 13 March 2015

Epic Friday Physics Fail

Loyal Readers, we are still rolling around laughing at this one. Äiti has done a classic! Do you see this device ? It is billed on the innerwebs as a fantastic 'Pet fur eraser' for use on furniture and fabrics. She was so, so happy when she opened the box and found a USA to Europe adapter. The joy on her face as she flicked the switch. 
And then the smoke and the stinky plastic and the blown fuse! Oh yes indeed: what does she tell distant travellers who wish to visit Finland (North) ? What indeed did she teach that very day to her class ? Yes: the USA appliances cannot cope with the mighty European 220V.
One dead vacuum cleaner. One embarrased Äiti. One stoopid stoopid PHYSICS teacher. Hehehehehe.


Katnip Lounge said...

OH NOES!!! And we feel somehow KNOW our Mommy is well FURmiliar with the hairy byproduct of felines!

pee ess: the same product was tried at our house and it was an epic FAIL--Mommy had better luck with a lint brush and a slicker brush, 'specially on the cat tree carpet!

Katnip Lounge said...


and ha ha ha ha ha HAHAHAhahahaha!!!!!!

Gigi said...

What's a V? What are 220Vs? We only know things like iambic pentameter and the Oxford comma.

Say, where's the picture of the melted one?

Summer said...

OMC, sorry to Äiti, but I could not help MOL-ing!!!

The Swiss Cats said...

MOL ! Sorry, Äiti ! MOL ! Purrs

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Mum almost did the same several years ago. She won a drinking fountain (also known as Eric's splash pool) in a giveaway from America and was going to use an ordinary plug adapter until dad stopped her, and went and bought a transformer or whatever it's called.

Saku said...

Well that sucks...oh wait, no it doesn't. Bad joke but we couldn't resist!

Sorry it died before Aiti had a chance to try it.

Sasha Sami, & Saku

Angel Prancer Pie said...

King P, we know you have to be just a little happy over this!