Monday, 2 February 2015


Äiti here. All is well with the cats but I have hijacked the blog today. The innerwebs are a funny environment and so much now of life's rich tapestry is acted out here that this is, for me the natural place to remember the most important person in my life who died 25 years ago today. I do not talk much about the family I once had, and I believe life gives you stuff to deal with and not to regret or dwell on,  but I want to announce to the world that I am just so very proud to have been my mother's daughter. Even though I never appreciated her enough when she was alive, and we were too similar and fiery to ever have had a calm relationship, that doesn't mean the deep connection wasn't there. 

My mother introduced me to a love of tortoises - in war torn Germany she would take her pet tortoise into the air raid shelters with her.  When she died, Tessie also suffered her loss as she was her main human. And my mother also loved birds and got great peace in watching them.  But not cats.  They'd be chased out of the garden, which makes me smile now.

Comments are off - no need for any. I am not sad, just proud and wanted the world to know.