Sunday, 28 September 2014


Bristol street cat

1998 ?  - Gotcha'd 19.8.2005 - 27.9.2014

Karin here: yesterday I had to make the hardest decision but also the kindest one. My best boy, my soul cat Stran was helped to the Rainbow Bridge. He passed peacefully in my arms and I am most grateful to ystävämme eläinlääkäri for her help and advice, and kindness.

I know this will be a shock to 'Loyal Readers' and I am sorry for that. The truth is that he had been deteriorating for a few months and was, for instance, unable to do his litter box duties in a way that a cat with his dignity would want. I had decided not to share this on the blog - probably because I could not face it myself.  Recently he had had  just a few moments of being himself - as Mesi noticed - but the God Emperor was very sadly not immortal. For me, quality of the end of his life was more important than extending it painfully: it was awful to see him struggle and I knew he had lost his joie de vivre, and with his IBD and weightloss, there was no hope.

I have turned off comments - I cannot deal with them right now - I need a bit of time with perheeni. Please give the love you'd express there to your own felines. Life is precious: we are honoured to share it with them.