Monday, 15 September 2014

Not Me Meme Monday

A couple of weeks ago, we were challenged by Mom Trish at the Katnip Lounge to do a meme called The Writing Process Blog Tour. She introduced us as 'multi-cat blog written by a person who is one of the most wonderful ex-pat English people living in Finland I know' which we do not take as a compliment as we are the ONLY multi-cat household served by an ex-pat Brit in Finland that she knows. Pöh. So, being unimpressed, I have refused to participate. And this post is not about me, Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North). Äiti, however, is English and too polite to refuse so this so she is stealing the blog for the day. She has thumbs - I cannot stop her.

So, what are the rules: 

1. Introduce the blogger who sent you the request - that'll be the magnificent Katnip Lounge crew whom I am sure you all know. If not, pop by their blog to see a place that is fantastic for cats. Their catio has given me many ideas.

2. Answer the three questions listed below

3. Pass it on to another blogger.

Question 1. What am I working on ?
I am not totally sure what this means, but I am always working on making this place, aka The Castle, cat-friendly. The gang live here 24/7 so are here more than I am, so I consider it theirs. They have a catio and a balcony, and shelves all over the place. Plus a huge choice of litterboxes which I wish they would use! So there's a lot of work clearing up after them. I am also working at training for a marathon next year, and continuing feeble attempts to learn Finnish.  I am pretty busy and just don't seem to get the time for loads of commenting on other blogs -I feel bad about getting more comments than I make, and am very grateful to the Loyal Readers for their, erm, loyalty.

And another big thing I am working on is running a half-marathon next Saturday. Those Loyal Readers who have followed the blog for a while know I have changed my life a fair bit in the last 18 months with a lot of weightloss and now I have a new hobby of running. I want to raise money for the UK mental health charity MIND and welcome donations

Question 2. Why do I write what I do ?
I started a blog for me when I was moving to Finland, and then a friend suggested I do something that was more creative. I have always enjoyed photography and the idea of Punapippuri's blog came to me. I'd not really read many cat blogs then and just started it up. His character seemed to fit the process, and it was a fantastic excuse to share photos of cats - which was what the internet was created for, afterall. Also, I know that there are many Loyal Readers from Finland, and many of them read the blog to keep up with Punapippuri and to improve their English. I have met many people locally through it, and it does amaze me how this virtual world fits with the real world. Meeting Flynn's humans was fantastic too. 

Question 3. How does my writing process work ?
When I am not working I will take photos pretty much every day and write blog the night before, to come online at 5am EET. I am normally awake soon after then, and will comment on some of the US blogs published at about that time. In school term-time or when I am away (not often!) I may prewrite a load of posts ready for publication. I do lose track of photos I have posted, especially those in long sequences. I do try to give 'fair coverage' to the cats but inevitably cute little kittens get more pictures, and Seppo is very popular.  They are all so wonderful and photogenic, it is often hard to choose!  If I were more creative, I would think about some longer term themes. I really enjoyed the April Fool post this year which the Katnippers and Angel Prancer Pie joined in with - that took some planning and was great fun.  But in general, I just look at what's on the camera card from the day before or so. With 14 cats, I am never short of material - provided no one tires of the same old photos!

Okay, so now the meme goes to.......Spitty !  Hehehehe.

And please today keep paws crossed too as Sampo is in for his tutoring, erm, neutering.


Katnip Lounge said...

At last!!! We (that would be Mommy) are amazed you are organized enough to do posts ahead of time...but of course with an additional snoovervisor it may have pushed you over the edge into proper time management.

Also, how do you KNOW that you're the only multi-cat blog written by a person who is one of the most wonderful ex-pat English people living in Finland that we know? Are we that antisocial? MOL!

Oh, Spitty is gonna be so THRILLED to be nominated, heh heh heh.

Mr Puddy said...

My mom said thanks COD !
She only got me..MOL
And Ha Ha for Sir Spitty

Gigi said...

Oh look at that good boy! Squee!!!!

This was fascinating, but we forgot all about what the Human wrote once we saw that ADORABLE picture of Sampo, the unTutored.

Well, all right. We *did* read and enjoy Aiti's natterings. But guess what??? *WE* has already done this! On Monday, August 18, we responded to these same questions after being tagged by the Beauteous Katie Isabella. ;-)

But thanks for thinking of me, King P! I think you should pick another kitty ;-) Uh, Maybe our Pal Puddy would like to do this????

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We do hope that Sampo gets extra love, scritchies and treats after such extreme measures!

Mommy thanked cod that she didn't get that meme, people would be shocked and taken aback at her writing methods.

Great post!

Summer said...

Sampo, you will be in my purrs today... although I am sure you will come through just fine!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

My humans also said they very much enjoyed meeting you and hope you can visit us in Devon next year. You are very organised to get posts ready in advance. Mine are usually done at 11.45 ready to post at midnight. The only time mum schedules them ahead is if they are deserting me again so it is not obvious they are not at home.
I am purring for Sampo's tutoring to go well.

The Swiss Cats said...

We love to read your writing process, it's always interesting ! We're purring for Sampo and hope everything goes well for his neutering ! Purrs