Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday Report

Last Saturday Äiti flew off to Finland (South) so she could go to see a football match. She was unable to get a flight back that night so decided to book a hotel and travel back Sunday evening. By sheer and utter amazing coincidence this was on the day that Flynn from Two Devon Cats had his humans visit Helsinki. Of course our respective servants had to meet! Here Äiti takes a photos of Flynn's servants on one of their many coffee stops. It was a honour for her to meet up with such Under The Paw fellow bloggers. 
And of course, gifts were exchanged. Now Flynn, we are sure, set us this challenge. He lives near the famous naval port of Plymouth so we were graced with a rat (or two) that had sailed all the way across the North Sea and through the Kattegat and Skagerrak into the baltic. And this was a special test for us - plague rats!
I delegated Pekka to deal with it. Afterall, he is the same shade of orange as Flynn and his dearly remembered brother Eric.
Pekka gave the plague rat a good bunny kicking.

The rat was disarmed and posed no threat so we are happy to tell Flynn we think we passed his challenge. Pekka was rather out of it by the end of the battle.
I did investigate it as well, but by that time it was a little soggy.
But Ruska made sure it was doubly-deaded! Sampo tried to photobomb too.
As you can see there were many other treats too. And toys. Loads of toys. Flynn is very, very generous.
 I claimed the Felix Goody Bags as mine!
Sampo grabbed the pink pom-pom.
And Jura enjoyed flossing his teeth.
We are most grateful to Jackie and Ivor, and Flynn for these wonderful gifts Äiti is slobbering over her decaff filter coffee each day. This was a most fortuitous coincidence and we are absolutely delighted with a real life blog people meeting.


Katnip Lounge said...

OH! We and Mommy are Totally JELLUS!!! What a happy coincidence!

What a grand thing to have happen.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Our Mommy is green with envy! How wonderful to meet Flynn's parents!

We had to laugh aloud at Pekka's last pic. He was really nipped out!

Happy Caturday!

Gigi said...

My Human is ALSO green wif teh envy. She would LUFF to meet Flynn's pawrents. Wasn't it amazing that the football game and the ship trip coincided so magically? And so close to World Cat Day, too!

Sparkle said...

How awesome! When my human saw the photo of Flynn's humans on your blog, she did a double-take! What awesome gifts they gave you kitties!

Paula said...

Kivoja tuliaisia Plymouthista.

The Swiss Cats said...

That's great ! How wonderful to meet offline bloggers you met online ! You have a lucky mom ! Pawsome gifts ! Purrs

Terri said...

What a wonderful unexpected meeting! Sounds like a great time was had by all :-)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I am glad that you like the toys and treats I personally chose for all of you.
Pekka, you made a very good job of conquering the plague rat and you all passed the challenge with flying colours. Mum and dad said they enjoyed meeting Aiti very much and that you have sent back delicious treats for me. I have told mum to hurry up and get on with the unpacking so I can see what I have got.

Just Ducky said...

Mum has met a couple of the blogger mum's and dad's too. Says it is nice to see and meet them.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

So glad you got to meet the lovely Jackie and Ivor who have become very dear friends of ours. They stayed with us a couple years back and we so enjoyed that. Very lovely couple indeed. Glad your stay coincided so that you could meet them.