Thursday, 7 August 2014

Nip Snorting Thursday

Today we feature Jura, who was next to sniff the fresh kissanminttu stalks. 
Jura is generally a gentle soul, but look at those claws. he is claiming ownership!
Even when he gets stoned he only relaxes one paw, and keeps hold of his drug of choice.
Now yesterday the school year in Finland (North) started again and Äiti abandoned us for the staff training day. We have an amusing little anecdote to relate. Whilst enduring a group work activity, the teachers were asked to act out a role in a scenario that was given. Äiti's group had to do something about a kid using a mobile phone or other such device. Äiti asked what role she could play and was a little taken aback when her colleague said 'You can be the cat shit'. Sorry, but, that word was used so I repeat it and apologise if it offends anyone. It didn't offend Äiti, but she did think it rather strange so she replied 'Okay, I can be the cat shit' - after all she has a lot of experience of it. She thought very hard about how to act this role - should she be in the box, buried in the ground ? Dangling from some furry hocks as a dingleberry ? Would she be solid or squitty ?  confused she said 'But how do I act the cat shit ?' And then it dawned on her - she had been asked to play the GADGET.
She is wondering if she needs to get her hearing aids checked! She did confess this error to the rest of the group who simply collapsed laughing, and decided that the name would, erm, stick.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Muwahaha! Wonderful story! Better the nickname stick than the cat sh*t!

Jura is so handsome with his nip. We hope all you kittehz get to enjoy the harvest!

Sparkle said...

MOL! That's what happens when a human has kitty on the brain.

Gigi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat shit! You can't beat it with a stick!

Marilia said...

hahahaahah! Funny!

Terri said...

Oh dear...I can appreciate this!

Paula said...

Isäni käytti joskus sanontaa että joku on "kuin kissa paskalla". Se tarkoitti, että joku on hyvin keskittynyt ja ainakin omasta mielestään toimittamassa jotakin hyvin tärkeää asiaa. Luulin, että tämä "cat shit" liittyi jotenkin tähän sanontaan, vaikkei sillä ole mitään tekemistä kännyköiden kanssa. Mutta luulin väärin, "cat shit" olikin suomalaisittain lausuttu "gadget".

A Tonl said...

*snort* now THAT...was FUNNY!!!