Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Hide and Seek

A part of her change of lifestyle, we have had to observe Äiti getting another new hobby. As if running were not enough, and going out watching stinky birds, she is now off geocaching. This is a very strange activity in which she dashes around finding little boxes hidden somewhere, signs her name and then proudly logs her achievement. Nowwe are very good at leaving our signatures in boxes, and sometimes join her in not finding the box itself,  hehehe. Do you think that would qualify us as geocachers?
Mesi inspect the web side of this hobby. Now apparently some geocaches contain little things you can trade - you take an item and leave something else in return. We wonder if any boxes are kitten sized ?
But actually, we are pleased that Äiti has prepared a very important item - this geotag which is firmly under my paw here. This tag is apparently called  CrazyCat W2 and Äiti wants it to be collected and photographed with other cats as it makes its way across the world. And she has posted this photo on the geocaching website so cachers will see me when they visit it.
So while the tag makes its journey we have to put up with Äiti escaping off to wade through swamps, dodge mosquitoes, clamber under bridges and even attempt to paddle through drainage pipes (that one was a fail). So have any of you got insane humans who do this sort of thing ? If so, how do you cope ?

Äiti's note: my username is CrazyCatWoman on Piece of luck I got that name!


Angel Prancer Pie said...

That sound like quite a bit of fun.
We think Aiti should "geocache" a bit of treats for you kittehz around the house. That sounds like even more fun!


Gigi said...

Wow--Prancer Pie has the right idea! Think of the possibilities--tiny temptations treats in the sofa! Gerber's jars stashed on the catio!

Sparkle said...

My human has always wanted to go geocaching but hasn't tried it yet. Like she needs another hobby - I'M her vocation, avocation and hobby!

Marilia said...

Have a delicious weekend!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

It sounds like Aiti is having lots of fun geocaching. It will be interesting for her to see photos of other kitties when her geotag is found.
My mum and dad are looking forward to meeting her. Don't worry, they won't keep her away from you for too long, unlike the way they will be deserting me.

Saku said...

That sounds like far too much work for our lazy mom bean, MOL

Good luck to Aiti!
Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Katnip Lounge said...

We prefer to PEE-o-cache!

Kari said...

Fascinating! Where does your Aiti get all of her energy? Our mum doesn't understand how this works so she'll have to read about it.