Saturday, 26 July 2014

Artistic Saturday

Back when Äiti was in England, she did not really pay attention to images of felines unless they ere photos, but overtime she has come to meet more and more talented painters. She herself does not know one end of a brush from another.  And as she has so many photos of us, she has lots of material for artists to use. here we have some paintings done by the wonderful Petra Kaminen Mosher who is local to us, so she is the Artist in Residence, Finland (North) for us. Now we don't know how she does it with a few blobs of bacteria-shaped colour, but she captures expressions really well. 

We may already have displayed this image of Seppo, but we like it so here it is again!
And this one of Ruska is great. We need it hanging on our wall, so hurry up and get it framed, Äiti! 
And so from the sublime to the ridiculous! Äiti is into this geonerding and she decided she wanted a suitably wacky avatar photo. A long time ago she worked with a guy called Lucian McLellan, who used to earn enough money from cartooning to feed himself until he decided to be a teacher, which is how he met Äiti as they both did crazy experiments with electric shocks and explosions. Anyway, she got in touch with him and he is a Loyal Reader, so he came up with this....... 
I think perhaps I am grateful he did not use me as a subject, but I quite like this little character. It's meant to show Äiti's love of felines and physics and mystery. 


Gigi said...

We think that should scare off the other geocachers!

We love the paintings! Are the first ones the Burmese? And, gotta ask, why no Punapippuri????

Angel Prancer Pie said...

These are great! (Cat Chat had a great post today on a painting done of Cody. It was wonderful, too.)
We could read each of your expressions so easily.

The avatar is fun! We like it, too.

Happy Caturday kittehz (and Aiti).
Stay cool!
(it's supposed to be 100 degrees fahrenheit here today!)

Katnip Lounge said...

What about the WRINKLES? Does Äiti have any of THOSE?
hahameow...we crack ourselfs UP.

OH, and we know what the Grandpawrents are getting for Catmas!

Ana said...

Etenkin akvarellit on upeita. On tämä avatarkin ;--)

Sparkle said...

WOW, these are AWESOME!

Carlos The Cat said...

Wow, really great pieces of art! I love how the expressions of each cat have been captured!

Kari said...

The paintings are awesome. Mum gasped with delight when she saw them. The artist has an amazing understanding of movement and how to convey it to the viewer. Was she involved in dance or gymnastics? She really knows how to capture bodies in motion.

Mamma N said...

Upeita kuvia! Todella upeita. Love these!