Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

I got an email last week from Cision to say that my humble blog was 9th in the list of top 10 pet blogs in Finland! What an honour, especially as I write in English - due to Äiti's appalling Finnish.
I am very, very proud that I have so many Loyal Readers! Top of the list was Prince of Finland (South) Sulo, from Naukulan Kerho - a very popular choice!
So, Loyal Readers, I know you will be waiting for news of Seppo, our brave Nekkid Boy who arrived back from ystävämme eläinlääkäri without his crown jewels yesterday. He arrived home and briefly snuggled next to Äiti.
Very soon though he woke up and began to realise something was wrong. He had a wash, and realised somethings were definitely wrong!
So, he peed on the sofa.
Unfortunately this allowed Äiti to get a photo of his not so dangly bits.  Those which were full and round are now squishy and saggy.
He sought comfort with the other mancats in the kitchen. And had another wash. The washing carried on all night.
And this just about sums up his response to it all.
Äiti says he is recovering well and wishes to thank ystävämme eläinlääkäri and all at Lemmikki for taking good care of Seppo.


Katnip Lounge said...

Äiti got a photo of the ACTUAL PEEING EVENT???

Holy cripes. That woman has too much time on her hands. Purrhaps you DO need another kitten!


Sparkle said...

I'm sure Seppo will get over it. We all get over our spays and neuters. Well, except maybe Spitty.

Saku said...

OMC that's quite the way to announce a kitty's displeasure! Too late for us though, MOL

Concats on the blog honor...that's pawsome!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Pee Ess:
Mom bean is cracking up at Sparkle's comment!

Gigi said...

I hardly know what to say now! Yer dern tootin' Sparkle. I am NOT "over it"!

Seppo looks fine. But he is not just "washing"--this is ManCatly Mourning over his lost you-know-whats. It is good he is surrounded by his ManCat brothers who will comfort him. Oh and Sampo? Careful Buddy. This could happen to you.

Gigi said...

Oh!!! And concatulations on making the Top Ten! That's fantastic. I suppose there'll just be no living with you now, King P.

Jenna said...

Congrats on your blog ranking! In English even :-)

I'll extend my sympathy to Seppo over the loss of his furry bits. We hope his peemails end soon, too.

Kari said...

We don't remember our man-bits. Not one of us, it's been so long ago. But we all remember how to pee mail when we're displeased. Oh yes we do.
Concats on your popularity. We love you. And your photos.... Awesome!!!!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Concatulations on your blog rank!
It is very popular back here in Oklahoma at our house!

Poor Seppo, his dangly bits look alot like the dried Medjool Dates that our Mommy likes.

Mamma N said...

Onnea sijoituksesta!

I asked yesterday how to recognize a blogger. You answered it today! When something happens, you take photo first! This is a very good proof of that :D

The Swiss Cats said...

Concatulations on your blog rank ! Seppo showed his displeasure in the most expressive way ! We're not sure that our mom would have thought of getting a picture first... Purrs

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Congrats on the blog ranking!

Don't worry, Seppo, it will all be just a vague memory soon!

The Chans

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Concats on being in the top ten blogs.
I think we can safely say that Seppo was not amused at coming home with less than he went with.

Gigi said...

Esteemed Punapippuri: In Honor of Cat World Domination Day, I have a post JUST FOR YOU! ;-)