Friday, 27 June 2014

First Impressions Friday

So, all has been going well with the newcomer, except with Jaava. This was her welcome! Well, two torties - this is to be expected!
Sampo has been a lovely playful uncle.
 Seppo was very curious.
 Risto was interested and polite.
 Seppo soon stopped being polite and chased Mesi. He is good with whappy paws.
And Mesi is good at running away. She, Seppo and Sampo have been playing together lots.
And then of course she poses for the camera in the fine evening light.
And I have been very well-behaved. Äiti has been ensuring I get plenty of time on her lap, and I have not been hissing. But I am not saying I am happy.
Oh, and here is a link to a video for you - Mesi plays and tarts cutely with a toy and then there's a clip of her meeting me for the first time. Hehehehe.


Just Ducky said...

It takes time to adjust to a new home and all those new sisfurs and brofurs.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Maybe that little pink tongue is sticking out because King P ignored her! MOL!

We are anxious to see how future meetings with the girlcats go.

Happy weekend and good luck!

Kari said...

Jaava is not amused ! A younger girl invading her territory!
We had to laugh at your reaction to the little one, dear Puna! Our mum has brought home so many kitties that some of us simply ignore any newcomer. It's like "New kitty? Been there, done that. (((Yawn))). When do
we eat".

Sparkle said...

How nice that most of the clan seems to enjoy her! She does not seem quite as manic as Binga was as a kitten, although I can see that crazy tortie kitten attitude coming through.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

She does love the feather toy in the video. King P obviously thinks treats are far more important than her.
In the first photo it looks like she is wondering why Jaava is making such a fuss.

Katnip Lounge said...

What a cutie-puss! King P, we LOVED seeing your tail in ACTION! That thing needs a separate postal address...

Colehaus Cats said...

Oh, so ADORABLE! We LOVE that video! Purrs....