Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuxie Teaser No More!

It has come to my notice that a certain tuxie girlcat from Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains, has cast aspersions on my noble self. Well, Precious, from Angel Prancer Pie, recent photos showing my furs all a-glow do not indicate that the sun shines from my a*se, it just shows my vibrant, light personality*. But beware, because I can also emerge from the shadows to give you a darn fine whap! Even if you are hiding in the US of A.

*But you behave as though it does...... Äiti

And Äiti, I can whap you even harder. Pöh.


Sparkle said...

Precious, it sounds like your tongue has gotten the better of you!

Gigi said...

King P, What on EARTH has happened to your grammar? ("emerge from the shadows to give you are darn fine whap!") And this after yesterday's near-incoherence? I worry, King P, I really do.

Perhaps threatening innocent American girlcats is sapping your brain cells? I, for one, know for darn sure there is no sunshine pouring out of *any* of YOUR orifices!

Catio Tales said...

Thank you King Spitty, you can be my proof reader. Äiti says it is impossible to type prpoeprly when Pekka, Seppo and myself are on her lap covering her view of the keyboard. Rubbish, we say!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

And yet, there is the light, again.
Light personality or maybe just a short-lived "rejuvenation" from a recent trip to poo corner? Hmmmm? - Precious

OKcats said...

Heh! We have always liked our neighbors - that Precious is some girl! Just because we now have a boycat in our house again doesn't mean that we don't still believe in GIRL POWER!

Your friend, Zoe

Ann Boyajian said...

Because of your indignant rant, we had to go visit Precious. We must say, she really does have lovely 'tocks. As the Brits would say, don't get your knickers in a twist!