Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tortie Tuesday

As you know, Loyal Readers, I am most generous with my blog and today I offer it over to some of the girls in perheeni. Jaava sleeps peacefully in the sunshine. Yesterday we basked in 28°C on the catio (that's 82F for those who speak foreign!).
Roosa stays indoors sadly, Now, some may say she is a calico but here in Finland (North) we use tortie instead.
And here is our most senior tortie - Tessie. The backdoor was open to the catio yesterday and much to Äiti's surprise, tessie found her way out She has been sleeping soundly and showing no signs of moving - and then suddenly she was in the sunshine. Summer is here! 


Sparkle said...

When Tessie shows up, you know it's springtime!

Gigi said...

Phffft. Where's AILA???? Don't be too sad for pretty little Roosa--she has a safe warm home and is well cared for. I guess she's just a bit of a loner, eh?

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We love the ladeez at Punapippuri!
(even the ones that live in a shell)

On the subject of Roosa, Mommy used to have a kitteh that refused to go outside. Mommy thinks her harsh start in life outside turned her against it.

Happy Tuesday, furriends and enjoy that warm weather!
(we wish it didn't get any warmer than that here)


Mamma N said...

Varma kesän merkki!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Tessie's appearance is good news indeed. At this end, we are enjoying pouring rain today!

The girls are all looking lovely!

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Hey PPP!

Yesh... Weather was wonderful also here in Raahe. Our stinky birds are very lively, so yam.

Wau Tessie, nice to see you again... and Roosa take the example of Tessie. You have safely catio... let's use it.

Vilperi with servant


Hi Tessie good to see you!

A Tonk's Tail said...

Faraday: Jaava, when *I* sleep like that, everyone accuses me of ruminating on TROUBLE. Are they this unfair to YOU?

The Swiss Cats said...

Enjoy your warm weather ladies ! Purrs