Monday, 12 May 2014

Make a Mancat Happy Monday

Yes, Loyal Readers, I realise a picture of Aila is not something that necessarily would make me happy, but in a spirit of generosity I am posting it (not with her consent, I might add - as you can see from her mean girlcat yes). Yes, I post this in order to cheer up my great pal, Spitty, with whom I know many of you are familiar.
It would appear that our San Franciscan lothario is somewhat incapacitated with a blockage in the bum glands department, and we hope this picture takes his mind off the impending visit to 'the stabby place' as he refers to it. We hope you can get this problem sorted, Spitster and our paws are crossed.


Sparkle said...

How nice of you to make an ailing mancat happy, Puna and Aila!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

What red-blooded mancat wouldn't love this pic???

She is pawsitively stunning!

Wonderful thing for the ailing Spitty.

Happy Mancat Monday!

Mamma N said...

Aila ♥

Gigi said...

::Lifts head weakly:: Ah. the beauteous Aila, my Goddess! And looking all smokey and smexy, too. Gosh, I think I feel a little . . . ::thud::