Wednesday, 19 March 2014

By Royal Command - Wordy Wednesday

I have been asked by Helmi, Queen Kitty Cat of Finland (South) to answer 11 questions - except she has created 13 questions as there are that many of us!  And I have to respect a Queen's wishes.
So, I have divided these questions up so we each get a chance to answer..........

1. Who is the boss?  All of us answer together - including Sampo from far away: Stran! 
2. Who is most beautiful? Risto answers: I want to say Roosa but I am worried Pekka will get mad at me if I don't say him.
3. Who do you need to obey? Punapippuri answers: Aila! Life is just so much easier if I do.
4. Who can't get enough admiration? Jura answers: Jaava - she is my sister so I must be loyal,  and knows she is very pretty and can manipulate most mancats for a snuggle or wash.
5. Who decides the place of the food bowl? Roosa answers: I do, for my bowl: Äiti places it right by me on the shelves!
6. Why cats are so intelligent compared to humans? Ruska answers: because we live off our instincts and have to fight for survival. 
7. Why people are so clumsy? Jaava answers: I think because they are huge and rely on their thumbs to do things. We have to be more crafty and agile, even if we cannot open cans ourselves. Humans got lazy.
8. Why does Äiti obey sometimes, and sometimes not ?  Mirsku answers: she has always obeyed me, always I  get my way if I just roll on my back and wave my paws about.
9. Why don't human's ears move? Lewis answers: I don't know but I think it is really good as so much of them already moves, and I get a bit nervous sometimes.
10. Why humans are purring only when they sleep? Aila answers: I am not sure, but I wish they did not purr then. Honestly, Äiti is so noisy, it's like a volcano.
11. Why do I have to take care of everything by myself? Punapippuri answers: as King Kitty Cat I guess I have responsibilities, but it is really frustrating you know. And tiring. 
12. When do cats go wild? Pekka answers: when there's nip or valerian around. Then we go mad. And the flying pink mousies make us worse.
13. What is your best toy? Seppo answers: I love wand toys with feathers at the end. I can KILL KILL KILL them.

This post has the Royal Paw of Authority, and is a great opportunity to show off an image of the jeweled crown of the King of Finland, which Äiti visited in my honour a couple of weeks ago in Kemi.
Now there never was a human king of Finland who wore this crown, so I think it is down to me to claim it! 


Gigi said...

Oooooh, that's a nice one. I need me one a-them. Hmmmm. Up to a caper, King P? Now now, I know, it's YOURS, but you'd let a Boy try it on at least, wouldn't you?

We loved the Questions. That Queen Helmi is a real pip.

Sparkle said...

I loved all your answers... and that crown! Wow! Fit for a kitty.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We loved the questions an answers (unnerstanding that some of them were difficult fer the whole group of you).

An thank you fer enjoyin the blood on the snow of my birdie-catch! ~ IZA

Mamma N said...

Your sure have answered the questions perfectly! Now we no longer need to be worried about the ears either. :D

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That crown is asking to be claimed by you Punapippuri.
Very good answers from all of you.

Kari said...

Quite a lovely crown but It looks a bit big for you, dear. Maybe you could turn it upside down and hop in. It would make a lovely throne.