Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Squee

 Loyal readers, you may have to protect your ears from squeeing humans reading this post. We are allowing Äiti to post this only because she has reassured us she does not have that dreaded illness , kitten fever. She visited the Elwood burmese, a little north of here, where there are currently two 7 week old ninjalets, two mini-mancats. And they were full of life and energy, and brotherly love.
Oh yes, she was so happy to see these little miracles, and to be able to take these photos.
The ninjalets were very active. Well, they are burmese, afterall.
And also totally able to play at cute.
And they showed a healthy reaction to Elli, one of the adult burmese girlcats!
We are so glad that neither of them found its way to perheeni.
Mother cat Iitu would definitely not allow it!
After an hour or so they did finally collapse to sleep.
Okay, now Sampo if you are reading this - just think you could be responsible for  producing a load of these little squabs. 


Sparkle said...

OMC, how fun are those kittens! You'd better keep your paws crossed that they did not give Äiti any kitten fever germs while she was visiting!

Gigi said...

No kitten fever? Oh reeeeelleeeeee? Uh-huh. I think she's gotten rid of a full-grown boycat and is planning to substitute two boycat kittens with no net change in total weight of the perhe.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh,SQUEEEEEEEE! ::thud::

Our Mommy fainted from all the cuteness.

Happy Sunday, furriends.

The Swiss Cats said...

Thanks for the warning ! There were some SQUEEE indeed... Purrs

The Swiss Cats said...

Thanks for the warning ! There were some SQUEEE indeed... Purrs

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Oh so cute! Maybe none are finding their way back with Aiti now, but what happens when Sampo becomes a daddy to lots of cute little ninjalets?

Kari said...

Squeee! Oh squeeee, squeeee!
They're beautiful!
Just wait until Sampo does the deed!
Flynn asked the question and we
think he and the rest of us know the
answer. Sampo kitties in the
family!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!
Any word on Sampo's match up?

Saku said...

Let the squeeing begin! The mom bean is going all mushy inside from the sheer cuteness of those kittens. She's gonna be useless for hours, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

A Tonl said...

NO MOMMY, do NOT LOOK. We three are ENOUGH.