Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas comes late

Now you may remember we had a fantastic double Christmas, thanks to our multicultural household. In fact, we have had a THIRD Christmas, thanks to the combined efforts of the British and Finnish post offices messing up the delivery of the parcel from our Britcat cousins Bramble and Treacle. Well, Äiti finally got the package (in a most excellent box) and look - a present for each of us!!! 
Seppo wanted to open Mirsku's  but was not allowed.
And this is what was in each parcel. Treats and toys galore.
Jura and I investigated my present. It vibrates,
Okay, I wasn't impressed by it so I flung it away with my mighty paw.
But I loved the toy Äiti got.
Yes, I killed this good and proper.
It was mine, all mine! 
 We watched on as Aila sat on the pile - worrying she would squash everything.
Now Mirsku's present was one of those tedious treat dispenser toys. Ruska loves them.
The young mancats watch and learn.
But Ruska's mighty paw will not let them near it.
So we thank our Britcat cousins and their humans most kindly for these presents. We will be dining out on these for quite a while.


A Tonl said...

What a largesse of gifts! We think we'd like Aiti's gift too - MOL!

Uh, by the way, we noticed SOMEONE's photo all over yesterday's calendar page!!!

Carlos The Cat said...

Wow, you sure are lucky cats! I actually kind of "adopted" one toy which actually wasn't meant for me... Maybe you saw Carlos the 2nd in my blog? We are good pals, allthough he was originally meant for one of the kids as a Christmas present... Well, I borrow him every now and then, the kid doesn't mind that.

The Swiss Cats said...

Pawsome gifts ! It's a great way to celebrate Chrissymouse in doing it 3 times ! Purrs

Sparkle said...

Wow, a whole nother Christmas?! How awesome!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is a great lot of presents and treats. You did a good job killing Aiti's present.

Just Ducky said...

What a great bunch of toys and treats to share.

Gigi said...

Whoa--that's a really, really nice haul! We know Ruska will know JUST what to do with his prize.