Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday Tart

So, the majority of us were brutally abandoned for the weekend while Äiti drove pikku prinssi to Kuopio for the ISROK show.  This was 300km away in Finland (Central) andan overnight stay as planned. Sampo's brother Burre and sister Metti were also attending.
Sampo made himself very comfortable; he sat on his breeder's chair rather than in the cage.
And when he was in the cage, he threw litter everywhere anyway. And yes, he won two certificates, EX CAC. He's very proud of his rosettes as the rest of us do not have any.
Well, you know, we would rather stay at home. Besides, Sampo admitted the judges on both days did not call him back, and they called him a 'teenager'. His sister Metti was called back, and she is indeed a stunner.
And brother Burre - who once was 51g, hand reared  and caused a few sleepless nights as to whether he would be okay, well he very nearly got the judges' nomination for the panel vote in his category. All this jargon - just understand he did well and better than Sampo!
So, did they have fun? Well, the boys spent a night in a hotel! Äiti was there supervising as these little teenagers were wanting to try to out do each other.
Äiti did not get much sleep! At about 5am they decided that finally they could both be boss and playtime would be fun.
And they wanted to escape!
In the meantime, Metti played nicely and slept quietly in the room next door with her breeder.
Now Sampo decided he would have a look out for a girlcat or two, and was making eyes at one little brown girl at the show. It all looks promising for the spring so he wishes to say a quick hello to her here!
Or perhaps the soft romantic pose is better ?
Now Äiti admits she is a total cynic regarding shows and has refused to take any of us unless it's clear we enjoy them. Here Sampo demonstrates his attitude to shows.
Yes, pikku prinssi had a great time. He LOVED the attention. He spent most of the time on Äiti's lap. When she walked way he tried to follow, and was a total mamman poika.  Äiti thinks he will go to more shows and is wondering whether little Seppo could go with him. Seppo has been in a show already as a kitten with his breeder. She says none of the rest of us will go though, thank goodness. 


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Tart, indeed! We can't believe he is showing his "wares" to other girls!

Concatulations to Sampo on his rosettes! He is a champion charmer to all of us. XOXO

Just Ducky said...

Concats to Sampo on his ribbons. Did the girls like the romantic pose or the "goods" pose?

Gigi said...

Hm. I'm pretty sure flashing their junk isn't how the Human Boys get the girls (in fact, I think it gets them a jail cell) but maybe that's the feline way. Hmmm.

Sampo *IS* a tart, isn't he?

Katnip Lounge said...

Well. Those nards have MOMMY all interested! She's a perv.

Sparkle said...

Sampo just needs to grow more into his handsomeness - some kitties mature later than others! He certainly has a show temperament!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Yep. That Sampo is clearly a total ham. How nice to see Metti and Burre again!

The Chans

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sampo, you are indeed a tart! Concats on your rosettes.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sampo I laughed at your poses. congratulations on your rosettes and glad you had fun. Hugs Carol

Kari said...

It's wonderful to see Sampo's family again. I think they are quite lovely but Sampo easily has the most beautiful face. And what is all this
"teenager" talk about? He has a very
youthful air about him, our Sampo does, but that just makes him all the
more delightful.

A Tonl said...

Dood! If your sister had aqua eyes, she could be MY sister! ~Faraday
(well, uh, sorta.)

Concats on the two awards!