Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas - British style

We are all a little overwhelmed with the Christmas cheer and generosity! My goodness, what a load of presents we have had. Yesterday we opened up the parcels from England and the USA. Sampo  investigated one from a friend of Äitiäs whom she met while doing voluntary work at the local shelter. They have stayed in touch, and we are delighted that we are still the focus of attention!
I sit looking angelic, hoping that the packs will be opened.
And here is my card from my beloved Maggie May. And I got loads of toys - MY toys! I have hidden them away for quiet moments when I am not disturbed by racing ninjas.
Seppo had his very own Secret Santa parcel, organised through sphynxlair.  This was why Äiti did not do Secret Paws this year, as she knew she had too much to deal with. Pöh. But Seppo got sent amazing stuff by another black sphynxie who lives in London, in a place just 15km or so from where Äiti was born!
 There were all sorts of things in his parcel - his very own Christmas cracker which he tries to pull.
 And a wonderful warm fleecy, which he briefly wore as a cloak!
But our biggest, bestest parcel for all of us came from none other than King Spitty and his Human.  My goodness, how did this stash get sneaked past customs ? We are still in shock. So many packs of treats we have never tasted before. So many toys. So much catnip. And presents for Äiti - a lovely hoodie (she needed a new one thanks to the diet), and a HUGE mug from the Human's work place which might help her tea addiction, and Happy Goat Farm soap. But Sampo and I were after the nip!
But the bestest bestest present was a cat cube. We have never had one. Immediately as many breed cats as possible crammed inside.
Now Äiti did not have the camera ready for my triumph, but I was sat on the sofa arm above it, and just flopped down onto the cube. Out popped the burmese from each side. Afterall, it was a present from one king to another, and by rights is therefore mine.  Oh yes!
Now King Spitty may have his eye on territories out of his domain, and I think he is trying to woo AIla-sisko. He sent her this little bag, resplendent with orange bow.
Inside was some if his fur, lovely donated to try to win over the heart of this stony girlcat. She had a sniff.
But we are sorry to say that, predictably, it received the stink eye.
Now Risto and Roosa also participated in the treat and nipfest. 
Roosa in particular got very involved with a hedgehog toy, from King Spitty in fact.  But Äiti did not take many photos as when these two get attention ,the rest of us hang around greedily and they prefer to be left in peace.
Meanwhile, Jaava was ensuring she got all the treats from the latest torturous dispenser.
And in case you are wondering, Äiti did get some presents herself from all of these. She has  a few teabags to quaff and is very happy.
Afterall that excitement we slept soundly, until it was time to snack on the turkey.
We thank all of you for the presents. It has been a wonderful Christmas.

Now, today is Boxing Day (so you can guess where we all are!), and it is the anniversary of the passing of Tuomo to the Rainbow Bridge. One present Äiti was sent, by our Royal Portrait Painter, Denise Laurent,  was a 'test print' with some paint that is phosphorescent. This is a really poor photo of it, but Äiti just loves it and posts it in tribute to a much loved and missed friend. He slept by her pillow every night and turned his tummy up when he wanted it tickled. That place can never be filled.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

What a lovely Christmas!!! We have to say that you definitely saved the best for last. The Denise Laurent print is truly pawsome.

Concats on the loot and we think Spitty can forget any relationship with Aila. MOL!

Sparkle said...

Wow! What fantastic presents! And I am sure Spitty's must somehow have been customs-proof! Purr's to Äiti and the rest of your family today - I know Tuomo's loss still cuts deep, and Denise Laurent's beautiful print is very much treasured.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Wow sure got great fer the holiday!

Mamma N said...

Kilteimmät kissat saavat lahjoja kahtena päivänä? Niin sen täytyy olla. Mukavaa joulun jatkoa toivotaan teille täältä!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You all got lots of great presents! That is a magnificent package from King Spitty.
The colours in the print are beautiful.