Friday, 25 October 2013

Furless Friday

So I have to respond to my loyal readers, demanding photos of Nekkid Seppo. Never say I do not listen to requests!  Here Jura is supervising the little bald boy as he takes his first journey down stairs. 
Ruska cannot quite believe what he is seeing. Seppo is dancing away!
He's pretty good on his back paws and can leap impressively. Not as madly as the burmese, but he puts on a good show.
His favourite toy is the packing tape on the string! 
Now he actually spends a long time asleep each day, and right now he sleeps either on Äiti or on his own. He hasn't quite got used to us as furry heat sources yet. He is not used to his own clothes, so unless he wants to keep covering himself, Äiti will not be knitting little sweaters for him.
He is here having a snuggle with Äiti. I allow him this because I get my turns later - nothing is going to stop my very own 'kitten mitten' time.
And he has learnt the 'parrot posture' supervising Äiti. Here she is attempting to study - what you cannot see is that Sampo and I are sabotaging this by lying across her books.
Now, I have to graciously report that this newcomer, this barely settled in the kingdom baldy boy has ALREADY got an award. I extend grateful thanks to Da Beebs over at The Poupounette, for bestowing the Dragon's Loyalty Award on Seppo. Not just on me, or my blog, but on the Nekkid Imp.

The award necessitates seven facts being told. Seven facts about Seppo ? Well, now. Seeing as he's not really sociable, I have to provide the information.
1. He's made no noises except for purrs and growls - no sign of a miaow or мяу yet.
2. His first language is Russian, as this was spoken by his breeder.
3. He comes for Tampere, in southern Finland. I think he might be the Tsar of Tampere.
3. His is going to be huge - it's in his genes.
4. He eats anything.
5. Yesterday when he was hungry he actually bit Äiti's cheek. Gently, but the intention was clear!
6. He has one littermate sister.
7. Äiti had several possible names for him, but when she saw him leaping around and playing she chose Seppo as it goes very well with Sampo - both are names from the Finnish epic Kalevala

So we are meant to pass on the award to 15 blogs - so if you are reading this, please feel free to post the award on your own bloggie.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Look at that sly kitteh, already looking like the cat that ate the canary inside Aiti's jacket!

Great pics of the nekkid kitteh and Aiti looks great!

Gigi said...

He really seems to be making to moves on Aiti, King P. I'd be a little worried--I mean, it's okay now, he's little and you can easily displace him....but just how BIG is he going to get??? Are we talkin' Mirsku-big??? Gosh, what would something that big look like NEKKID???

Sparkle said...

I am not surprised the naked Tsar has already won an award. It's just proof of his royalty!

Anonymous said...

A king ( Punapippuri), an emperor ( Stran) , a prince (Sampo) and now a tsar (Seppo). Is it fair for the other kitties in your court not to have noble titles? What about Grand Duke Mirsku ? Or Duchess Aila? Pekka the Knight? And the shy cats should be honored, too. We know you will think about it ,king Punapippuri.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We can see that this Seppo Tsar is going to be the source of endless stories!

BTW, the award was for all of you, including Seppo!!!

Da Beebs

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Hmmm... I'm wonderin' if I should try sittin' on the peeps' shoulders. Bet you can see a lot from up there.


Katnip Lounge said...

You know, Seppo DOES look a little like a dragon! hmmmm, we wonder if he will breathe fire as he gets older.

Marilia said...

Sweet post.
Have a delicious weekend!

Kari said...

Charisma? He has it!

With his bald little body, how will he be protected from the occasional and expected tussle?